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New General SOTF Discussion Thread; Yep
Topic Started: Nov 20 2013, 11:42 AM (21,066 Views)
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First off, I'm gonna have to second everybody that's been mentioned so far (but not Maynard 'cause I'm biased there). They're all really well-characterised, have unique voices, and (in the case of the dead ones) amazing death scenes. If you're not reading them now then I am going to go over there with a stick and poke you incessantly with it until you do, m'kay?

Well, I kinda love every character to some extent, so I'm gonna try to limit myself here with who I think to be some of the standouts/people who're gonna get interesting reeeeeeal soon. Five girls and five guys; sound fair?

Phoebe Cho - Now, all of Mimi's characters are awesomely written, and I think Phoebe's gonna be no different. Summer and Andi have (deservedly) already gotten tonnes of love from everybody, and I know that Mimi's gonna do a fan-freaking-tastic job with Phoebe too. Xylo started off amazingly with her, giving her a lot of depth and a distinct voice very early on, and with Mimi at the helm, we're in for some really cool stuff. So, yeah. Watch. This. Space. Do it.

Cassidy Kant - I started reading Cassidy when she did her whole Shakespeare monologue during pregame, and have loved her ever since. Maybe I have a thing for ditzy sweet girls, who knows. But her accidental kill of David was handled really well, and now that her boyfriend has been Travis Webstered, well... development ahoy! I wanted to write more, but I don't think there's much else I can say other than reeeeeaaaadd heeeeerrrrrr.

Claire Monaghan - Considering half of my friends consist of them, I'm kinda drawn towards the hyperactive film buff character that Claire is. Her pregame is really well done (particularly her threads with Jack), and Laurels's writing of her has really maintained its quality on-island. Her whole "burial plot" is a really interesting storyline, and considering the massive shootout that just happened with her, Arthur, and Kyle (poor guys :c), I'm fairly certain we're in for a bucket-load of super-cool development and interesting things coming from Claire.

Amaranta Montalvo - Gah. Just... gah. I mean, Paris (Sveris will forever be my OTP) and Michelle are top notch as well (yeah you should probably read them too. Do itttttt.), but Mara is just freaking amazing. She hasn't had the best time of it on the island, what with the Daniel shooting and the freakout in the lighthouse and all of the stuff that's come after that. Her storyline is gripping from the start, and just really fantastic. Oh, and you have to read her memories one-shots (click here! and here!) and her meanwhile thread as well; they're fascinating stuff, and bring to light a lot of her insecurities and explore her familial relationships.

Gwen O'Connor - I'm sorta biased on this one, 'cause one of characters kinda has a big crush on her, but even without that element I'm 900% certain she'd still be one of my favourites. She's got a really unique and consistent voice and the suicide pact storyline she's involved in at the moment is both super-depressing and really engrossing. Oh, and as an added bonus you get to read Michelle and Virgil as well, who're supermegaawesome too. So, yeah. Do ittttttt.

Joe Carrasco - So Joe is a character I just wanna hug and tell him everything'll be alright. He's been through a lot even before the island, and has a pretty complex personality. Medic is a freaking awesome writer, and is clearly putting a lot of effort into Joe. I've been a follower of him for a good while, and I really wanna see where he goes. There's not much else I can say, really, save for read him nao pls.

Owen Kay - Ah, Owen. Pippin is a fantastic writer, and Owen is no exception. He just seems like a really average, friendly, and polite guy. I wasn't too taken with him (although I still liked him a lot) until he bolted upon seeing Summer with Naomi in Big Stick Ideology. Afterwards, he's shown a lot of rapid yet realistic development, and his reunion with Aileen was really cool to see.

Joachim Lovelace - Joachim's interactions with Jaquilyn and Rosemary are beautiful things, and really show of his strengths as a character. He's pretty unique and interesting without stretching realism of anything like that, and his story has been very well-paced; there's never been a dip, and it's been really racing forwards.

Michael Mitchellson - Michael's a guy with probably one of the most distinct internal dialogues in all of V5, and it's really cool to see a character that isn't defined by one of their main elements. He's at the core of what's a really cool storyline (Rachael, Corey, and Timothy keeping Daniel's death a secret from him), and I know the fallout (if he finds out) is going to be amazing. Also if you're reading him you get the additional awesomeness of Rachael, Corey, Timothy, Stacy, and Miles. So, y'know. Do it.

Sean Mulcahy - He likes pirates. Is there any reason not to like him? See, there. In all seriousness though, Sean's a pretty concept that might've gone awry if it weren't for MK's awesome writing. He's really fun to read and he's never boring or dull in any way; I've always eagerly awaited MK's next post with him, and considering what's just happened between him, Aria, and Sara I think we're in for a few interesting events for him down the road.

Honourable Mentions AKA some-people-I-really-like-but-forgot-to-add-before-I-ran-out-of-spaces: Aileen Aurora Abdallah, Paris Ardennes, Brianna Battaglia, Ami Flynn, Alice Gilman, Rosemary Michaels, and Miranda Millers.

Also, there are tonnes of other characters I wanna pimp out, but I've kinda spent a fair portion of their story with them, so there's a wee bit of bias there.

Well, this turned out way longer than I intended it to be (so it's probably very redundant in tonnes of places with heaps of rambling). But, yeah. Read everybody, guize. c:

Fun fact: I say "really" twenty times in this post.
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