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Buffy Mafia Game Thread; "That's entertainment..."
Topic Started: Nov 3 2013, 02:30 AM (24,028 Views)
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Welcome to Buffy Mafia! Important points to note:

  • Lynches will be decided by majority; a lack of a majority will result in no lynch for that day phase.
  • Votes must be posted in red font, preferably bolded, to count. Unvotes are not necessary, but they may be posted in green font, preferably bold, to remove your vote entirely.
  • You may vote for No Lynch; the same majority rules apply for a No Lynch decision to end the day before the deadline expires.
  • Day phases will run 7 days/168 hours and nights will run 2 days /48 hours.
  • You may not quote your role PMs. Character claiming, role claiming, that's fine, but any communication from the mod may not be quoted in this thread.
  • If you have a question for me, either PM it or write it in bold font in the thread and I will answer it.
  • Vote counts should be posted at least every 24 hours. If I don't do this, you're free to bug me.
  • DO NOT edit your posts. If you need to clarify something, make a new post.
  • You may continue talking after a lynch is reached but before I've posted the flip. Once the flip is posted and night starts, no more posting.
  • After you are killed, do not post in this thread.
  • Do not communicate with anyone about this game outside this thread unless I have given you permission to do so.
  • Play to your win condition and be civil--this game is about arguing, not about being gratuitously insulting in a personal way.


  • Flavor is entirely for entertainment purposes. The only character names that are guaranteed to correspond to night actions are those of the player(s) killed. I WILL NOT be providing information on the source(s) of kill(s) in my write-ups.
  • If you do not post for the first three days of a day phase, I will PM you and check that you're still playing. If you don't post for a full day phase, I reserve the right to hunt for a replacement player. If you're not around, please let me know, as I may not remember to check the activity thread.

Roaming the streets of Sunnydale (living players):

10. General Goose
14. DocBalance
15. MK Kilmarnock
21. Bikriki
22. decoy73

Fought the good fight (dead players):

25. Rockythetigre, Xander Harris, Town Jack-Of-All-Trades, was lynched Day One!
18. VysePresident, Tara McClay, Town One-Shot Neighborizer, was killed Night One!
16. Zabriel, Amy, Town Two-Shot Non-Consecutive Commuter, was killed Night One!
9. dmboogie, Harmony, Town Social Climber, was killed Night Two!
5. The Sickness, Dawn Summers, Town Flavor Cop, was killed Night Two!
1. Un-Persona, Angelus, Vampire Mafia One-Shot Rolecop Lover, was killed Night Two!
17. Flare, Darla, Vampire Mafia Godmother--Bulletproof, was lynched Day Three!
8. Imehal, Buffy, Town Vigilante Lover, has fled the town Day Three!
24. Skraal, Cordelia Chase, Town Mason Recruiter, was killed Night Three!
6. Shangela, Andrew, Townie, was killed Night Three!
23. Slam, Kennedy, Townie, was killed Night Three!
3. BROseidon, The Master, Vampire Mafia Goon, was lynched Day Four!
2. NotAFlyingToy, Willow, Town Doctor, was killed Night Four!
4. TurtleTyrant, Drusilla, Vampire Mafia Two-Shot Redirector, was lynched Day Five!
19. MurderWeasel, Giles, Town Three-Shot Watcher, was killed Night Five!
12. Aura Master Fox, Anya, Vengeful Townie, was lynched Day Six!
20. Deamon, Kendra, Back-Up Vigilante, was venge-killed Day Six!
13. Ruggahissy, Riley, Town Variable Roleblocker, was killed Night Six!
11. Grim Wolf, Glory, Villain Mafia One-Shot Hitwoman, was lynched Day Seven!
7. Kalopsia, Wesley, Town Second-String Watcher, was killed Night Seven!

This game will contain spoilers for the entire run of the show! I think this is reasonable, given that its last season aired 10 years ago, but if you want to avoid spoilers beyond the existence of characters as per the roles that will flip, skip reading the flavor--you won't miss any game-relevant information!

Opening Flavor:

Don't you like my style? Surely you remember me, good old Sweet. I'm still singing the same tune, looking to be entertained. And what better place for that than Sunnydale? There's always some excitement there. We'll just pretend that whole messy business with the town turning into a crater didn't happen.

But we're in my Hell dimension now--reality is whatever I want it to be. And what better way to entertain you than to show you what might have happened if many of the denizens of Sunnydale all found themselves drawn to the Hellmouth at once? Chaos, you say? Perfect!

In a crowd of this size, can you separate friend from foe?

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go attend to that chap dancing madly over there--he's starting to smoke, wouldn't you know...
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The deadline for Day One is in exactly 168 hours from this post. Initial Vote Count to be edited in here.

Vote Count 1.00:

With 25 players living, it takes 13 to lynch!

Un-Persona (L-13):
NotAFlyingToy (L-13):
BROseidon (L-13):
TurtleTyrant (L-13):
The Sickness (L-13):
Maraoone (L-13):
Kalopsia (L-13):
Imehal (L-13):
dmboogie (L-13):
Psychedelic (L-13):
Grim Wolf (L-13):
Aura Master Fox (L-13):
Ruggahissy (L-13):
DocBalance (L-13):
MK Kilmarnock (L-13):
Zabriel (L-13):
Flare (L-13):
VysePresident (L-13):
MurderWeasel (L-13):
Deamon (L-13):
Bikriki (L-13):
decoy73 (L-13):
Slam (L-13):
Skraal (L-13):
Rockythetigre (L-13):

Not voting: Un-Persona, NotAFlyingToy, BROseidon, TurtleTyrant, The Sickness, Maraoone, Kalopsia, Imehal, dmboogie, Psychedelic, Grim Wolf, Aura Master Fox
Ruggahissy, DocBalance, MK Kilmarnock, Zabriel, Flare, VysePresident, MurderWeasel, Deamon, Bikriki, decoy73, Slam, Skraal, Rockythetigre
Edited by penguin_alien, Nov 3 2013, 02:37 AM.
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Can I just say how much I love that /in is becoming a thing for sign-ups? No? Fuck it doing it anyway. I love that /in is becoming a thing for sign-ups. Relevant to that:


Because she was the first person not to do /in during this sign-up and that killed the vibe.

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Woo, a mafia about a show that I actually know a tiny bit about.

Anyway, Vote: MurderWeasel

He was town last game, so obviously he is scum this game that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible.
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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Let's get this party started!

Vote: dmboogie because that beautiful bastard keeps slipping through as scum by being all unassuming and charming, so it's best we just kill him now. (Sorry color buddy, I <3 you.)
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Vote: BROseidon

Hello there.
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I want some of that boogie train. You were way too quiet as Abed.

Vote: dmboogie

Takeshi Yoshikawa
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I'm here!

VOTE: Un-Persona because nobody's done anything suspicious enough to merit my customary vibe-killing serious vote in the joke stage and I don't want to vote for someone who has yet to post in the thread so I defaulted to first post instead.
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Vote: BRO

Your angry posts in the deadpost quicktopic for Community Mafia were just too funny.
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ebwop: pretend I know how to unbold properly
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G029 - Zoe Leverett - DECEASED - Machete - To Really Be Alone, To Pick At All the Bones
[18:10] <Laurels> WWJD? Fuck corpses, apparently

[15:16] <Naft> My college once nearly burned down because someone tried to make a bong out of dollar bills and the fire alarm didn't work
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Vote: Kalopsia

Because he attempted to cover up stuff already. (Let's call it Boldgate)
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VOTE: Un-Persona

Because I am a petty, petty jerk that can't let go of the fact that you got me lynched last game. >:C
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The Sickness
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VOTE: Grim Wolf

For reasons stated in the sign up thread
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Mr. Danya
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Vote: Skraal

Because I feel used.
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For thinking my mass claim idea in the last game was stupid. ;C
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