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Hermitic Ranger; Another Short Gabriel Lee Oneshot
Topic Started: Aug 10 2013, 04:33 AM (412 Views)
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(Gabriel Lee continues from Crawling to My Death)

Gabriel could hear the yelling from the damn mansion. There had to be at least five of them, and Gabriel could have sworn he heard a feminine voice yell “killer”. Gabriel wanted to find somewhere safe, and anywhere with "killers" wasn't going to be Gabriel's definition of safe. Gabriel turned around and began running back to the dark, foreboding safety of the woods as fast as he could. Once he had made it behind the trunk of a massive tree he leaned against it, relieved. Peaking around the corner of the tree, Gabriel sighed audibly as he say there were no gun totting psychos running across the grassy greens.

Gabriel shouldered his bag, and began once more to trek through the woods as quietly as he could. This hermetic ranger shit was getting real old real fast. But it was probably better than getting shot.

Stay hidden, stay alive.

(Gabriel Lee continues in Poor Unfortunate Souls)
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