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Characters who've never met?
Topic Started: Jul 27 2013, 02:48 AM (1,095 Views)
Grim Wolf
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Yeah, to second that point, I was part of a class of around 800, but am reasonably confident I only knew the names and faces of 50 or 60 students. Then again, I'm bad with both names and faces.
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Coming from an Ontario high school with a graduating class of, I dunno, 300 or so, 350? I probably at least knew the vast majority (90%+) of my class in terms of names and faces. There were tons of kids I never had a class with, but again, you usually at least know who the person is, even if you've never spoken to them before. If I had my yearbook around, it might be fun to dig it out and see how right that guess is.

But as this topic shows, I guess it's totally different for other folks. And if my grade had 600 people instead of 300 I'm sure there would've been lots more kids I didn't know.

That said, when it comes to SOTF I usually prefer to have my characters at least know who the other person is in a thread, even if it's in terms of "Larry didn't know Wilhelmina all that well", because as I've said before, introducing-each-other scenes are godawful and horrible and boring wastes of time to write and read.
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Oh no!
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I'm probably an extreme example even by the standards of the other antisocials in this thread, but I doubt that the total number of names - let alone faces - I've ever known in all my life would amount to about 300 times 90%. Faces are particularly bad for me. I can count the number of people on my university course I could both recognise and name, if not quite on one hand, then certainly less than two. If I were dumped in an SOTF-type situation (hmm... I'm sure there's a thread for that somewhere around here) I know for certain I'd be one of those students who has to be newly introduced to every single other character they meet.

People who just know the names and faces of people they've never met, have nothing in common with and have never spoken to seriously creep me out. I've had it happen to me on multiple occasions.
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MK Kilmarnock
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The reason why it's always been so hard for me to take is that I came out of a class of 230, was one of the less popular kids in school, and I knew almost everybody in the class. Not every single face and name, but I sure as hell knew at least 90% of them. This was after having been in the school system for only four years (I moved to my mother's for high school).

So people not remembering who half their classmates are in smaller classes just strikes me as them not paying attention to any of their surroundings ever or simply not giving a shit.
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