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The Red Shoes; Open
Topic Started: Jul 12 2013, 04:29 PM (2,493 Views)
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Sophie accepted the slippers from Megan. Megan thanked her for trying to stay positive through all of this. She chuckled and looked at the slippers. They were tan colored and looked like they would cover her feet completely. She figured they'd stay on if she tried to run.

"Thanks a lot, Meg," Sophie said.

Sophie tried to put the slippers on. They were a little big, but she'd be able to wear them. She'd have to keep an eye out for some better shoes if they came across them. But her focus was whatever Gavin thought they'd need to find. He had a plan, and she was sure it had the chance of working out for the best.

Sophie followed the others out of the store. They were five strong, and hopefully it stayed that well.

((Sophie McDowell continued in I solemnly swear that I am up to no good))
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Heh. "Meg". The only person who ever called her that was her pappy, but that didn't matter. Reminding herself about family made this whole thing just a bit more bearable.

Megan helped Gavin collect what he needed, though she questioned some things on his list. Why would they need Styrofoam cups? Megan didn't ask him directly; he knew what he was doing, or at least looked like it. That was good enough for her.

With her duffel bag full of the seemingly random things Gavin stuffed in there, Megan followed everyone out of the shopping mall. Next stop: the town.

((Megan Emerson continued in I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.))
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