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V5 BKA/BDA Voting: June 2013
Topic Started: Jun 29 2013, 01:41 PM (2,250 Views)
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If you're still going to vote, you have one hour and nineteen minutes.
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That is a close to voting. The most egregiously problematic votes got disqualified on the grounds that they weren't actually anything staff felt comfortable revealing to the site, and the disqualified votes did not change the result of the contest.

For future reference, though, because there's still a bit of this in the votes that got left:

Staff does not care, even a little, why you are not voting for deaths. We want to know why you are voting for the ones you picked. BKA/BDA is a place to celebrate good writing, so we'd like to see discussions of what the kills and deaths you voted for did well, why they grabbed your interest.

Also, for future reference please bold or otherwise clearly indicate your choices for the awards. Saying nice things about a runner-up is fine (as long as you avoid trashing on them), but please make sure who you are actually voting for is crystal clear. Staff need to skim these a few times to count votes, and having everything clearly marked makes it way easier.

Finally, we'd really like to see at least a couple sentences explaining the whys of your vote. We didn't DQ over that this time, but "I liked this death because it was the best-written" isn't really a useful reason at all; we known you think it was the best-written since you are voting for it. We want to know why.
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