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Now I'm radioactive! That can't be good!
Topic Started: Jun 20 2013, 11:13 PM (2,216 Views)
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So Cass didn’t want company. Fine, her loss; Alex didn’t really give a shit either way. Some extra hands might have come in handy, but then they’d also probably never shut the fuck up, and that would just get on her nerves even more than what she already had to put up with.

Alex was prepared to leave with Cassandra without a further word, in pursuit of the power plant itself to put her game changing plan in motion, until Cassandra announced her opposition to being in on said plan.

She couldn’t stop herself from reacting to the slap in the face that Cassandra had just given. What wasn’t worth listening to about her plan? Did she think it was stupid? Did she just not care if she survived or not? Or did she just not give a shit to actually know what she was getting in to?

Christ, just when she was starting to get used to Cassandra, she reminded Alex just how fucking annoying she was.

“Sor-ry, then.” She scoffed, brushing past Cassandra as she headed to the door. She grabbed her bag up from the floor, slinging it over her shoulder as she avoided looking back at Cassandra. If she didn’t want to get involved in her plan, then she didn’t need any of her attention, either.

Besides, she had better things to worry about, as she headed out the door, than filling a retard in on her plan. Like making it happen, and then being home by dinner time.

((Alex King continued in Geiger Counter))
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"Alright, then," Adam said. "The woods it is."

So they were all in accord, because no way did he feel like staying here, and the woods would be awful and dirty and nasty but that was something Adam was a tough enough guy to deal with without complaint, and it meant that they'd need to find shelter again before too long, which would be a great reason to move again. That was what they all wanted, it seemed, to keep that momentum going and gather no moss.

Adam rolled his shoulders, shifted his pack, checked that everything was in order. It was. Everything was fine, and so it was time to go.

Just as soon as the others were ready. He'd been ready to rock and roll since he'd sat down, and they probably weren't quite so prepared.
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Maynard rubbed at his eyes with one hand as his other grasped for his bags. Thoughts of Daniel still lingered in his mind, but he tried to suppress them as best he could. His best friend was dead, and no amount of tears or screaming could change that. And more would soon follow. But not Gwen. If I can save anybody, it's her. I'm small and I'm a crybaby, but that's not what counts in the long run, isn't it?

His extra-meticulous packing of the previous night paid off, and he was quickly able to gather his bags and naginata together, hastily flinging his belongings over his shoulder in his rush to follow the others to the door. If they kept moving then he wouldn't have to think of what was happening to everybody else on this island.

"Onwards. I guess."

Trailing after the others, Maynard bade a silent farewell to the cubicle. He'd miss it, in an odd way. After all, it was highly unlikely that they'd get around to returning to this space before...

I'll find you, Gwen. I won't fail you like I failed Daniel.

((Maynard Hurst, Natali Greer, and Adam Morgan continued in Hanley's Bazaar))
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Based on Alex's tone, Cassandra had not been clear enough with her intentions. She was all for Alex having a plan to get off the island, she just did not want their collars blown because the terrorists could hear Alex explaining. She would have to explain herself a more clearly.

Cassandra grabbed her single bag followed Alex out of the office building. This weight was still a bit heavy for Cassandra's tastes, but it was workable.

((Cassandra Black continued in Geiger Counter))
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