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Like Father, Like Daughter
Topic Started: Jun 7 2013, 03:22 AM (568 Views)
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Ronald Bell wasn't doing his job. This was a first for him.

He was certainly at the office, but only because it had a better internet connection and because he didn't have to listen to his wife's anguish at the news. She had others that would comfort her, and she was only a distraction right now. He wasn't entirely sure if Noam was about, as he'd locked himself in his office and given orders to the employees not to bother him. But he hoped not. Looking at him now would only remind him that out of both their children, only one could come home. If that many.

He was staring at his computer screen intently. In one window, he was downloading all the clips of Survival of the Fittest that he could find. They'd only started appearing a few hours ago, and at first he'd thought it was a hoax. So had many people. But he'd realised it was real before the official news that it was, indeed, the truth.

After all, where else would they find footage of his daughter firing a crossbow?

In a different window, he was quickly fast-forwarding through the video, only pausing when the footage switched to a camera that had a good view of the surrounding landscape. Whenever he came across such a camera angle, he paused the clip and took a screenshot.

He was not looking for footage of Naomi or Miles. It wasn't what was important right now. What was important was finding the location of this island. After all, there was no proof that it was too late.

Ronald noted down any distinguishing features that he saw. Power plant. Amusement park. Mansions and a golf course. There couldn't be too many abandoned islands out there with all these things. He cycled through a clip of the zen garden, but paused when he saw a glimpse of his daughter. Against his rational thoughts, which insisted that he had no time to look, he slowed down the clip to normal speed.

He'd only seen a glimpse of this clip. Just Naomi screaming and shooting a crossbow. Most unlike her. But he hadn't seen what preceded or followed it.

He watched the clip somewhat warily. Saw his daughter kick up a fuss and yell, scream, swear at the camera. But after a while she sat down. Then she was joined by someone else, who was carrying the crossbow.

Ronald would have kept watching, but then the on-screen Naomi said:

“...we can't spend time specifically seeking him out. It'll waste time.”

He was wasting time by watching this clip. Time he could be spending looking for the island.

“Good girl,” Ronald murmured, before scrolling quickly through the clip, only stopping for screenshots of the surroundings.

He could be emotional later. Right now there was work to do.
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