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Where the Fuck is Here?
Topic Started: May 29 2013, 04:51 PM (1,443 Views)
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Everyone seemed to be in agreement with Alice's plan, which came as sort of a relief. There was more than enough to worry about without the addition of inner-group turmoil. The day was still young, however. Alice typically wasn't an overly pessimistic girl, but she felt the situation more than merited it.

"Power Plant it is, then." Technically, her companions hadn't really chosen it over the lighthouse, but Alice did want to check the place out. No reason to suppress her scientific curiosity over such a small matter as immanent death. There might be useful things lying about as well, assuming the other students hadn't already made off with them.

Alice wholeheartedly agreed with Casey's unease with their surroundings, along with getting the lay of the land. "Might be best to settle down, actually. Rig up some fortifications. Got supplies and nothing but time. Just a thought." That decision could wait until they reached their destination.

Carlos asked for confirmation of what that they had pretty much just been assuming to be the case. Alice nodded in affirmation. "Safety in numbers, more heads to think with. Sounds good." It wouldn't last, of course. Sooner or later, their fellowship would have to break.

For now, however, Alice simply wished to do her part to help the others stay safe. Casey was one of her few friends, and though Alice had never been close to Carlos, she still didn't wish for any harm to come to him. With luck, they'd run into Theo somewhere along the way. Hopefully Mirabella as well. They hadn't exactly been friends, but Alice still liked the girl. She'd been a good student.

"We're done here, I think. You guys mind going a bit ahead of me?" Alice gestured to the camera. "Got something I wanna take care of. Won't be long."
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Carlos looked at Alice for a moment, somewhat confused. Then it all seemed to click for him. She did say something about privacy. Somehow Carlos could imagine what she intended to say but it wasn't his place to assume. Carlos looked over at Casey, shoving his hands into his pockets. It would probably be for the best.

The thought of following Alice's example did cross his mind but he thought better of it. It wouldn't do him any good. He knew that if he were to open his heart to a camera, it'd only serve him to worry more. Carlos didn't want to lose it, not here.

Besides... would they even know he was here? At least, not until it was over. Would they even see his message?

It didn't matter. He could do that later.

"Let's leave her to it," he told Casey, getting ready to depart. He returned to Alice. "We'll meet you by the entrance. Just... take whatever time you need, yeah?"

He gave her a quick nod before heading out the door, his dufflebag thrown over his shoulder.

(Carlos Lazaro continued in What a Rush.)
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So the Power Plant, huh? Casey wondered if that place was as gutted as she thought it was going to be. She wasn’t exactly a whiz at electronics, but she knew her stuff well enough. And that was how Casey knew that someone who was a whiz could do a lot of damage to the entire game with the barest of supplies. It wasn’t going to be Casey, but there were some kids in her class that she would peg as being smart enough to fuck shit up mightily, and she hoped that there was enough junk sitting around for them to get the chance.

“It’s probably too early to know which route is best,” Casey threw her bag over her shoulder. “We’ll just have to see how it goes.” That wasn’t exactly the most comforting phrase when forced into a game of sanctioned murder, but Casey couldn’t think of a better way to handle everything.

At least she wasn’t crying anymore.

“Hey, no problem, Alice.” Casey’s voice went a little quieter. As much as she would like to be there for her friend, this was something between Alice and the people she left back home. It was bad enough that others all over the world would hear it. “Don’t worry about taking time or whatever. We’ll wait for you.”

She turned back to Carlos, who seemed to be responding in the same way. It was strange to think that back home she would never had gotten that much of a positive impression of Carlos Lazaro. To be fair, everything was strange, but it was the simple things that really stuck out. “Yeah, I’ll be right there.”

Casey took a deep breathe a steadied herself. This room had seemed like an enclosed, independent space. Going out there was going to be different, but she didn’t have much of a choice. Casey wiped the sweat off her face with her sleeve and walked out after Carlos.

((Casey Malkovich continued in What a Rush))
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Alice smiled slightly and nodded at her companions as they left the hotel room. Nice of them to be so understanding. After waiting a minute to make sure they were safely out of earshot, Alice took a deep breath, adjusted her glasses, and looked directly at the camera.

"Hello, Mom, Dad, Mary, Sam, Harry. I'm not sure if any of you are ever gonna see this, but I need to say it anyway." This would be the last time Alice directly addressed her family. She had to make sure it counted.

"I... I love you. You've been good to me, all these years. Nothing I ever say will ever be able to express how grateful I am, but..." Alice paused, taking a moment to compose herself. "Thank you. Thank you for everything. Please..."

Alice simply stood there for a minute, closing her eyes, preparing herself for what was to be said next. Exhaling, she opened her eyes. "Please, if you're watching, stop here. This... this is the person I want you to remember. But if... if you do continue watching, please promise something."

"Whatever happens to me, whatever I... whatever I may do, don't hold it against who I was. I don't want this to affect how you remember me."

"I love you all. Goodbye."

Alice turned her back to the camera, turned her back on her family, turned her back on the world. If she wanted to survive on the island, Alice had to forget everything outside of it. The normal girl she had been was left behind in that room.

Alice stepped outside into the hospital corridor and hurried downstairs to rejoin her group.

((Alice Gilman: Continued in What a Rush.))
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