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Topic Started: May 29 2013, 11:15 AM (2,050 Views)
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Miranda, for her part, left. She softened up, sure, but she left with a parting phrase:

"Good luck."

Mike just sighed at that. They were now down to two, but at least Miranda wasn't going to try and fight or anything.

"Well, I guess it's just us. I don't think we should stick around here much longer. This place just gives me a bad feeling."

((Mike Whaley continued elsewhere ...))
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Veronica watched as Miranda left, leaving behind a "Good luck", a boy and a girl.

She was sort of relieved that the situation didn't boil over into any conflict. As bad as that encounter was, at least it ended on a good note. She glanced over at Mike, who was now apparently her (unwanted) 'partner'.

She never really knew Mike back at Aurora, but he seemed nice enough. Besides, Veronica should see this as a blessing, Not everybody had partners on the first day.

To his remark she simply nodded. She followed Mike out of the town, and he was partially correct.

This place was sort of unsettling.

((Veronica McDonald continued in Metal Skeletons and Concrete Ruins))
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