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Despair; Open
Topic Started: May 29 2013, 03:13 AM (1,679 Views)
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“Fuckin’ finall-Ah! Christ, that’s bright!”

It had been an awfully long time since Francis had seen sunlight of any sort, after all. He’d fallen asleep pretty quickly on the plane, and as far as he could remember, there hadn’t been any natural light in the hall they’d all been held hostage in. Now, after wandering round this pitch black house, Francis’ eyes had just about gotten used to the dark. The light streaming in through the front door, forced him to screw his eyes shut for several moments.

Nonetheless, even as he stood blinking at the open door, Francis was happy to see the sunlight. First and foremost, it showed a way out of this bloody mansion, which was the most important thing right now. Secondly, the whole ray of light piercing the darkness thing. It was clichéd as all hell, but honestly, it worked, if only a little. Francis couldn’t help but feel a little more confident as he strode out the door, even with the fucking blanket under his arm.

Francis couldn’t predict what the future was going to bring. This little burst of optimism might swiftly be crushed, depending on whatever happened next. He couldn’t afford to think that way, however. He just needed to focus, keep his cool, and most importantly, adapt to this situation. He couldn’t just keep thinking about the past, about Seattle, about everything normal all the time. If they adapted, there was a chance they could get out of this alive.

“Just hang tight and don’t get caught up in Danya’s words.” Francis muttered, mostly to himself. “Easy as shit. We’ll be home before we know it.”

((Francis St. Ledger continued in The Real Folk Blues))
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