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Tower of Alexandria; Start of G02
Topic Started: May 29 2013, 02:22 AM (1,403 Views)
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Daniel nodded. "The time to act is now, I suppose! They've got more than a hundred kids to keep track of at the moment, so if we're gonna slip through the cracks at all the time would be now." Oh. Wait. Crap. If the terrorists hadn't been on to them yet, his little piece of planning right there had probably managed to attract their attention. Smooth, Daniel. Smooth. You are truly the most suave of all escape artists, the spiritual reincarnation of Houdini.

Glancing nervously at the camera, Daniel turned his attention back to Alex. "Er. Hypothetically speaking, of course. No way we'd actually do anything. Ha. Hahahah." He slumped.

Whose idea was it to put me in a position to do stuff that actually mattered, again?

Still, he had to keep hoping. Daniel and Alex would find their friends, everything would work out in the end, no one had to die. While Daniel didn't know every single one of his classmates well, he believed that fundamentally, they were all good people. They'd prove the terrorists wrong. They had to.

With a new hope, however slight, in his heart, Daniel smiled. "The people we care about are out there somewhere, and we aren't gonna find them if we stay in this admittedly pretty awesome lighthouse. Let's go, Alex." Turning towards the exit, Daniel walked out into the world.

((Daniel Whitten: Continued in There ain't no more cowboys, only men with violent hearts.))
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The cameras were, of course, an impediment. It meant that anything they said or did so far the terrorists would know about. So that did mean that they did know that they were up to something. That only meant that they had to be extra careful when they found something out, as noted before. It was going to be something difficult, to make sure that the terrorists didn't spot them doing something unusual.

But she couldn't help but giggle a bit at what Daniel said. Really, the terrorists knew they were up to something most likely, but honestly, she had to.

It wasn't worth sticking around. Alex agreed on this. There was plenty of tracks they had to cover, and they needed an idea of what everything looked like.

In a perfect world, they would be rescued within minutes. However, the world wasn't perfect. That didn't mean that most of their classmates deserved to die, didn't they? A few were bad seeds, but there were plenty of good seeds as well.

Alex nodded, and, placing her fan back and grabbing her bag, she followed Daniel out.

Only to pause at the mallet near the door.

Gwen had left it there. Maybe she didn't realize it, but it was still here. Alex couldn't help but bend down and grab it.

Some part of her felt that it was off to take something that was Gwen's, but she knew it could be useful somehow. Somehow.

As they reached outside, the breeze gently brushed against her.

It had just occurred to her the reason why she was not panicking as much was because she was sure that there was an escape. And honestly, that was good.

((Alex Ripley continued in There ain't no more cowboys, only men with violent hearts))
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