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DM's relationship thread 2: Boogie Harder: Electric Boogieloo
Topic Started: May 18 2013, 10:56 PM (350 Views)
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Seeing as how my last thread was over a year ago, I figured it'd be a good idea to start anew and get some last minute relationships in.

Daniel Whitten:

A pretty nice dude, all around. Daniel is very laid back, friendly guy who is incredibly polite to pretty much everyone.

He's the co-founder of the Book Club, along with Michael, and is thus very interested in literature. He plays flute in the school band, and is also on the school soccer team. Daniel is a fan of Heavy Metal.


Rachael Langdon: Friend/crush
Naomi Bell: Book Club Member
Maynard Hurst: Friend

Michael Mitchellson:

An incredibly energetic guy, Michael loves literature, video games, tabletop games, and pretty much everything electronic. Michael was born deaf, though he does his best to ignore most of the difficulties that stem from that.

Though a mostly friendly person, Michael tends to avoid interacting with people he doesn't know. He communicates mostly through either human translators or text messages. He will often passionately rant at people for incredibly minor offenses, but almost never with any malice. Also, swears a whole fucking lot.


Rachael Langdon: Book Club Member
Naomi Bell: Book Club Member
Madeline Wilcox: Guilty Gear Rival

Michael and Daniel are also very close friends, so if you're friends with one, you'll at least know the other.

Alice Gilman:

Alice has had a lifelong passion for all things scientific. She also enjoys various Steampunk-related media and tabletop RPGs. Alice is also an artist, drawing almost exclusively various landscapes.

While Alice is not intentionally unfriendly, she is very socially awkward and blunt, though she doesn't really care. She tends to act incredibly apathetic about things not relating to her various interests.


Mirabella Strong: Science Tutor-ee
Theodore Fletcher: Friend

So, yeah. I could use pretty much any type of relationship for any of these three guys~
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