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Medic's Relationship Thread V2
Topic Started: May 17 2013, 11:43 PM (702 Views)
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Hey, Medic!

Okay, so I've got two kids - Hansel Williams and Brandon Baxter. Let's start with Hansel.

Hansel's Take:

Naomi Bell - I don't see Hansel and Naomi running in the same crowd, so they'd probably not run into each other unless you can see something that would spark a relationship.

Joe Carrasco - Hansel would appreciate a fellow catholic, but would dislike the drug use and dislike the homosexuality even more. Depending on how quiet Joe keeps about both of those things, we could probably find a friend between them!

Mallory McCormick - I... could actually see these two folks as friends. She hates bullying and likes sports, and Hansel isn't likely to be a cock to her if they started taking this year, seeing as he's learned to keep his mouth shut about his ultra-conservative views.

Baxter's Take:

Naomi Bell - Naomi and Baxter run in somewhat the same crowd, but their personalities don't mix so well. I'm thinking that Naomi could be a target of Brandon's offhand mimicry, especially if she's really known for being stressed. So, he probably likes to mock her but doesn't hang out with her too often.

Joe Carrasco - Carrasco would be a huge, HUGE target for Baxter. Stuttering mess, smaller and scrawnier than Baxter, devout catholic and nervous. I have a feeling Baxter would pick on him at any opportunity.

Mallory McCormick - This one's interesting. Mallory likes football, and Baxter lives and breathes it. That said, he's also kinda notorious for mocking people and imitations and whatnot. It could go either way on this one.

Let me know your thoughts!
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