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Medic's Relationship Thread V2
Topic Started: May 17 2013, 11:43 PM (708 Views)
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All right, let's do this shit:

Naomi - She and Virgil should def be friends, at least at a superficial level, seeing as they are both very social and popular. She seems to have a disposition that Virgil would be able to get along with fairly well. Cassandra and her would probably get along okay, but Cassandra's built primarily superficial relationships and Naomi may see that Cassandra doesn't really put much value in the social connections she's made in high school. Matt would not be a fan, although they probably wouldn't have interacted much.

Joe - Matt and Joe could bond over cooking, but Joe might be uncomfortable with how out Matt is. Virgil and Cassandra probs wouldn't have much of a relationship with him.

Mallory - Could definitely see Virgil and Mallory being friends, as they are both jocks and friendly. Perhaps that Virgil is a rugger could come up somewhat in their relationship? Don't see much with Matt or Cassandra.
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