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Medic's Relationship Thread V2
Topic Started: May 17 2013, 11:43 PM (705 Views)
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Okay. New relationship thread, because the old one is cluttered as balls with stuff that never happened and characters that never existed. SO. REFRESHING THIS BITCH UP. So cleaned it up, removing characters that never happened and such, so let's do this thang.

Some of these I'm not really sure if they're still a thing, so if there's a character I have listed that you don't want friends with them anymore please tell me. :3 And same for if I've forgotten any. (I'm currently digging through all the relationship threads for things I've forgotten. xD)


Naomi Bell

Student council president and debate club president. Polite and intelligent, avid reader, attempts to be friendly to everybody regardless of how much she thinks they're not as awesome as her. Ego that could sink the Titanic. She can get argumentive, mostly in a friendly way when there's nothing at stake, but if your opinions are somehow going to mess up her grades then she will likely yell. Also part of the book club and yearbook stuff. Tries to talk to as many people as possible but most of her close friends are part of the popular crowd.


Miles Strickland (Cousin)
Amaranta “Mara” Montalvo (Friend)
Daniel Whitten (Friend)
Rachael Langdon (Friend)
Summer Simms (Friend)
Francis St. Ledger (Friend)
Stacy Ramsey (Friend)
Michael Eastmund (Old-time Friend. Old as balls.)
Zubin Wadia (Friend-with-occasional-semi-dislike-because-bitch-that's-her-presidency-get-yo-campaign-out)
Steven Salazar (Acquaintance)
Claire Monaghan (Acquaintance)
Juhan Levandi (Acquaintance)
Makatala So'oialo (Acquaintance)
Paris Ardennes (Former Crush/Current Dislike)
Jacquilyn Locke (Dislike)
Travis Webster (Dislike but can't say so because a lot of her friends like him so shit)
Owen Veveris (Enemy – nay, NEMESIS. FUCKING NEMESIS.)


Joe Carrasco

A boy who's constantly on the edge of a stress-related breakdown, very nervous and tends to shy away from social occasions. He would prefer to be a chef when he leaves school but he's being pushed into medicine, which he'd be okay with if he wasn't hemophobic as all hell. Raised Catholic, pretty devout but he's fine if you're not into it. Struggles to maintain high grades, smokes weed with his best friend Travis to lower the stress (note, doesn't do this in public, except for the occasion where he's too high to remember not to go out in public when he's high), gay but hasn't told anyone, and has a few friends that he's more chatty at but anyone he doesn't know he's basically a stuttering mess around.


Travis Webster (Friend, also Old As Balls in terms of friendship. Occasional Dislike when he's being a dickass jerk.)
Chuck Soileau (Friend)
Gabriella “Gabby” Parker (Friend)
Marcus Leung (Friend/Crush)
Lydia Robbins (Friend)
Rutherford "R.J" Rogers (Acquaintance)
Michelle Wexter (Acquaintance)
Sunshine Cho Lee (Acquaintance via Friend-of-a-Friend)
Hansel Williams (Friendly Acquaintance through church things)
Brandon Baxter (Disliked, because he's a dick and such)


Mallory McCormick

Tomboy girl. Barely passing grades, loves football but isn't good enough to play on the team. Good at soccer, girl's soccer captain. Also likes tailoring. Has no filter between her brain and her mouth. Impulsive as balls. Doesn't like fighting unless it's a sport. Fighting sports are awesome, though. Absolutely despises bullying, get that shit out of her face. Prone to talking to whoever is nearby regardless of whether they've met before or not, friendly and receptive to friendship as long as you're not a dick. Completely asexual so no crushes up in here.


Susan Clarke (Friend)
Francis St. Ledger (Friend)
Brian Zhdanovich (Friend)
Ruby Forrester (Friend)
Emily Rose (Friend)
Owen Key (Friend)
Matt Masters (Friend)
Venice Pennington-Johannes (Friend)
Ami Flynn (Friend)
Rebecca 'Becca' Everett (Friend)
Joey Grey (Friend)
Jamie Snicket (Friendly Rival)
Paulo Abbate (Acquaintance via mutual love of punching for sport)
Joey Caputo (Acquaintance)
Sunshine Cho Lee (Acquaintance)
Rutherford "R.J." Roger Jr (Acquaintance)
Meera Stele (Acquaintance)
Garrett Cobbler (Slightly prickly acquaintaces)
Alex King (Dislike)
Adonis Alba (Enemy)
Stacey Mordetsky (Enemy)
Finn Grant (Enemy)
Miles Strickland (Enemy)
Travis Webster (Enemy)
Edited by Violent-Medic, Jun 6 2013, 11:33 AM.
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@ Un-Persona, Maroone, The Burned Handler

I blanked on all of those, really sorry, but I'm still down with all of them and they're on the list now. :3

@ SansaSaver

Naomi would definitely get along with both of them quite well due to similar interests and clubs and stuff. In particular, she'd probably quite like Mirabella since she prioritizes school work over other things, which is a view that Naomi would very much approve of.

The thing with Mallory seems fine. Would that qualify as acquaintances, maybe?

And yeah, there really wouldn't be much to go on with Joe. He's too quiet, so he wouldn't really respond to conversation well even if it was amiable.

@ jimmydalad

Down with Mallory and Cammy friendship. (Would likely have to be recent friendship, since they didn't seem to know each other well in the Bitches Be Crazy thread.) I think with Aria that would translate out to, at most, occasional dislike, but unless Aria was a complete bully she wouldn't hold that much of a grudge over him. Depends on the type of rudeness, too. (If he was just stating a fact in a mildly rude way, she probably wouldn't care, she thinks that's just honesty.) I think with Sharon, the issue is they've both got rather vitrolic tempers. xD And don't really have anything else in common so there's not much to go on there.

With Joe, first off, he's not public about his smoking. He only smokes around Travis, so most people likely wouldn't know. I don't think him and Aria would really have much cause to talk besides that, not much that would lead them into getting into good graces anyhow. Same with Sharon. With Cammy it would probably be more of a 'sit and nod while looking at the ground while she's being friendly' thing. xD

I agree with pretty much all the Naomi stuff. :3

@ NotAFlyingToy

Okay, with Hansel: Agree in the cases of Naomi and Mallory. As long as Hansel's not an ass to someone over those things in front of her, she'd be fine with him. In the case of Joe, he's very quiet about his drug use and hasn't told anyone about the gay thing. If Hansel informed him of his opinions on said topics, Joe would probably just quietly nod and on the inside get grumpy about it. I can see acquaintances through churchy stuff happening, but I think friendship-wise depending on how much Joe knows about Hansel's views he'd likely keep his distance.

With Baxter: Naomi isn't known for being stressed, she's pretty much a block of ice where showing that is concerned. It only comes out if someone disagrees with her on things like school projects a LOT. If he mocked her, she'd probably just look at him and quietly inform him that he's making an ass of himself. Certainly no friendliness there, but random mocking isn't going to get to her. xD (Has no effect on her goals so she doesn't care.) I can definitely see the bullying thing happening with Joe. And I think ultimately Mallory would dislike him, because her hatred of bullying trumps her liking of football where people are concerned.
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Sorry, forgot completely to respond -

But agree pretty much to everything at both BROseidon and Nuggets.

Only part I just want to slightly correct with BRO is that Joe wouldn't find Matt's outness uncomfortable. If anything, it would be reassuring.
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