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Topic Started: May 17 2013, 03:00 PM (280 Views)
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Basically, I have my character Megan Emerson, who I have realized has a pitiful number of female friends and no enemies to begin with. So, basically that's who I'm looking for for her - either a female classmate who can be friends with her or someone who'd get into one-sided verbal conflicts with her, or possibly both! However, if you have another idea, I'm open for any suggestions.

The gist is that she's a video game fanatic, specifically RPGs and the like. She also is a member of the school band as one of the 50 million piano players and also enjoys reading older books. She's shy around people she doesn't know too well, so it takes some time for her to really open up about herself. Megan can be rather sarcastic, so that might be quite a turn-off for some people. As with her shyness, she tries her best to avoid confrontation and crumbles under pressure if someone strong-arms her, as long as they wouldn't be breaking rules.

So...yeah. Female friends, enemies, frenemies, whatever; just post or PM me if you think we could get something decided at the last minute.
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