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Little Princes; Private
Topic Started: May 10 2013, 12:48 PM (450 Views)
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Sven wasn't a fan of coffee shops. Sure, there were always cute girls, but they were all games. Coffee-shop girls would flip their hair and eye you down, but they'd never go the distance, not where it counted. Girls aside, the people in coffee shops weren't his, dare he say, cup of tea. Nearly everyone had their nose in a laptop, probably working on screenplays like all the stereotypes you see in movies. They say stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, though. Worse yet, all the people did was sit there. No moving. Nothing.

Sven didn't like sitting still. Made him antsy. His foot would start tapping, he'd start thinking too much; about the future, about Fiona, about Andi, and then he'd start getting nervous. It was bad news.

He checked his watch, twitching his hand in such a way that the face flipped to the front. He was late.

Sven was someone who had to be moving, had to have something going on to occupy his mind. Knitting helped, but he wouldn't be caught dead knitting in public. Think of the shit he'd get for that. Sissy Sven and his knitting needles hanging out on a bench like some little old lady. It made your fingers nimble, though. Ask any of the girls he'd been with.

He smiled smugly at the thought as he surveyed the room. It was a nice place, he supposed, but definitely not his kind of place. He'd rather be in some hole in the wall bar with some interesting people. He'd tried to convince Paris to get a fake I.D a couple times, but his friend wanted no part of it. His loss, though. He met some pretty interesting people at bars, got a lot of fun stories. Plus, the drinks. He could sit still so long as he had a drink in hand, probably the only time he could.

A friendly jingle sounded from the front of the cafe as the door opened and the bell clinked against it. Sven smiled before checking his watch once more. Just ten minutes late, not bad. Bemused, he watched as Paris shook his wet hair out, half expecting him to flip his head back akin to the Little Mermaid. Once Paris caught site of him, Sven waved him over, shifting down the bench to make room as his friend approached.

"It's about time, Princess," He said as Paris rested his wet head against his shoulder, a dark stain spreading across his shirt. "I was starting to think you stood me up, man. What would I have told the waitress? 'Oh it's probably the traffic?' or maybe 'If he doesn't come, would you care to join instead?'. Girls eat that shit up, the lost puppy thing."

He chuckled, relaxing into the bench.

"And this and that, y'know? College crap, baby momma drama, same story, different day," He sighed, resting his head against Paris' before taking note of the guitar, "What about you, Bro? Still doing that hobo-park music thing?"

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