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Nami-ships 2.0
Topic Started: May 5 2013, 07:50 AM (521 Views)
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Kammy - Aria probably would be friendly with her, but would get very tired of her argumentative personality very easily. Due to him saying what is on his mind very frequently, he will probably get in arguments with her, and eventually get sick of her if she continues arguing with him. Cammy and Kammy are bubbly people and probably would get along well. There will probably be a few jokes between them about how their names are similar and thus, could find a common ground in there. Sharon and Kammy together could be like a bomb waiting to go off due to them being argumentative and headstrong. I can imagine Sharon starting an argument and then getting in a brutal shouting match with kammy. However, she may respect her behavior, so there may be a possibility of a friendship when they aren't shouting at each other.

Becca - Aria will probably get weirded out by her constantly breaching his personal space and would raise issue with it, calling her something rude like a rapist or something like that. However, since she is musical as well, Aria could form a friendship there based on their appreciation of music as long as he can get over the whole "lack of personal space" thing. I can imagine Becca and Cammy being very competitive with each other in a fun way and I feel that their personalities mesh well together. Cammy is a star sprinter in the school and thus, shares common ground with Becca in that regard and I can see them being very good friends. Sharon would probably have fun riling Becca up and tapping into her competitive spirit. I'm not sure if these two would be friends, but I can imagine Sharon egging Becca on sometimes with her cynical personality.

Cho - I see the potential for Cho and Aria to get on well with each other due to their shared appreciation with music. Aria will also appreciate her humor, unless it is addressed at him. It might take some time for Aria to get over Cho's jokes about him, but I can see the potential of them being friends with each other. Cammy will probably be familiar with Cho and thus would refer to her as "Sunny". She'll enjoy her laid-back attitude and would probably be friendly acquaintances. Sharon will most definitely bond with Cho due to their similar sense of humor. I can imagine Sharon getting along well with Cho due to her being scottish and would probably make light jokes back at Cho whenever she lightly insults her. I think they have the potential of being good friends.

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