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Nami-ships 2.0
Topic Started: May 5 2013, 07:50 AM (515 Views)
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Out of the three, I could see Becca being somewhat good friends with Megan. While she herself isn't athletic or into sports in general, that shouldn't stop them. Megan would see Becca's confidence and pride as a really positive trait since it's something she herself would be lacking. Even if she seems stiff to strangers, I feel like Megan would know how to have a good time and would embrace Becca's goofiness. Plus, maybe they could have a jam session or three, or at least encourage each other in their music endeavors.

With that being said, I don't really know how she'd feel about Cho or Kammy. I'm pretty positive that Kam's outspokenness on her opinions would be really intimidating to Megan, especially if she already has a hard time opening up about her own opinions besides for a select few people. And then with Cho, I don't think Megan would "get" her and her British sense of humour, which would obviously be a pretty big turnoff. Not enough to warrant, say, the status of "enemies", but still...

Those are just my two cents.
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