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Nami-ships 2.0
Topic Started: May 5 2013, 07:50 AM (518 Views)
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Kam - As priorly discussed, Naomi would probably be fine with her. Most people on the student council are at least decent in her mind, and she wouldn't be bothered by Kam's argumentive qualities as long as it never affected anything important, like her grades and such. So friendly acquaintances might work. Neither Mallory or Joe would likely know her, although Mallory wouldn't be above the occasional chat.

Becca - As Becca's both good with sports and music, Mallory might gravitate towards her and try to engage her in chats and such, and would be fine with the pride and goofiness. Mallory can respect pride in sporting abilities and such, and might even admire her abilities and confidence some. Naomi might have talked to her once or twice, just because she likes to know things about people and Becca seems pretty prominent. Joe, nothing at all.

Cho - Joe would at least know her in passing, since he's very good friends with Gabriella, but I'm unsure as to how well he'd know her. Anywhere between 'can't really talk to her but can maybe manage actually looking at her face every once and awhile' to 'friendly acquaintances.' Depends on you, really. Mallory, once again, tends to gravitate towards musicians, and if anyone was picking on Cho for her 'oddness,' Mallory would likely step in and tell them to fuck off just because she doesn't like that kind of shit. Naomi, again, likely nothing more than an occasional chit chat at most.
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