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The Latest of all Relationship Threads; The thread that just keeps getting bigger
Topic Started: May 4 2013, 01:06 PM (1,751 Views)
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Both Maynard and Mirabella are intellectuals, Mirabella being particularly adamant over the importance of academia, so there might be a source of contention on that front.

However, Maynard might take interest in Hansel's hobby of tending to animals, due to his vegetarianism, and he might be slightly more accepting of Hansel's radical political ideals due to his tendency to try and avoid conflict. Contrastingly, though, Maynard's a pretty boy who's rather weak and isn't very good at standing up for himself, which mightn't be looked upon too positively from Hansel's perspective.

Ugh. Rambly post is rambly.

Anyhow, those're mah points.
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