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The Latest of all Relationship Threads; The thread that just keeps getting bigger
Topic Started: May 4 2013, 01:06 PM (1,748 Views)
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How vocal is Hansel about things like his homophobia and such? The impression I get is that it comes up during conversations and such, but he won't go harassing students on a whim? Am I right in this? I'm thinking Alex doesn't like him too much if his behavior does go out of line, or at least she gets annoyed that he doesn't talk too much in group discussions and then starts saying inappropriate things when he's made to respond. As for Brandon, if he's taking his anger out on other students she's probably going to go "Hey! Stop that!". Alex herself can also be rather temperamental as well (though for her it's more because she tends to get passionate about things), so if they were to ever argue it would be glorious. I think she'd probably tolerate him otherwise, though, and perhaps even find some of his comedy routines funny.

Lana and Hansel: HAAAAAAAAAATE. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE. Lana is an activist-y sort, and I imagine he wouldn't approve of some of her more... liberal leanings (for example, if she were to say anything about LGBT rights or topics like birth control). Lana, meanwhile, would get pretty rage-y at him if he were to vocalize any of his beliefs directly in her presence. All around, he'd probably not like her, and depending on what sort of interactions they would have she'd probably not like him. With Brandon, she'd know of him, since she's one of the more athletic students at the school (though wrestling, not football). I'm thinking that they'd know each other if they were to, say, both practice in the weight gym at once, and have probably had a few conversations which probably went fairly pleasantly.

Miranda? Oh Hansel, what a bag of laughs. Miranda is a mean girl sort, and while she acts that way out of insecurity, she's probably been mean to Hansel before. He stutters, is all Texan-y, and thinks things that make people hate him. What more could you want in someone to be horrible to? I imagine some of his homophobia could strike close to home in some cases, seeing as Miranda's kind of a closet-case, but other than that... don't expect kindness out of Miranda. Brandon, if anything, would be more a friend of a friend. Miranda's one of the "popular crowd" students, and while I don't think Brandon applies, she'd probably be familiar with the football team members. She'd probably get annoyed at least at his temper, and roll her eyes at his jokester nature, though.

I'm sorry my girls hate your kids so much. D:

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