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A late topic for a laid-back philosopher
Topic Started: Apr 20 2013, 08:05 PM (514 Views)
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I think he and Ian could be friends. Ian tends to be friendly, disliking conflict, and they share an interest in philosophy, so I could imagine him getting along well with Garrett. He's actually part of the Speech & Debate club, but otherwise I think he and Garrett share a common attitude towards a friendly debate. Ian's also part of the book club, and I think he'd be quite interested in discussing literature with Garrett. He'd also be likely to take an interest in Garrett's writing for friendship's sake (assuming this is something he could know about?)

Also, while he doesn't actually share Garrett's interest in boardgames, he does tend to be willing to go outside his interests to enjoy time with his friends. He probably wouldn't be able to get into something as complex as I gather Warhammer40K is, but perhaps they could occasionally play something like chess?

....Hopefully that was legible. I'm working from a rather serious sleep deficit, and I'm kind of in a hurry. My apologies if not.
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