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Earth as a Character Gallery; One shot
Topic Started: Feb 16 2013, 11:04 PM (390 Views)
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Beatrice struggled to put on her white uniform for the fencing class. She pushed her thick dark braid under the white, faceless mask.

"Really? Fencing? I thought you didn't like that stuff," asked Amy.

"I mean, maybe I didn't give it a fair shake," Beatrice shrugged.

Ciara shrugged. “If she wants to let her.”

A group of people filed into the building behind her. Amy put a hand on her hip and frowned.

"Yeah, sure. Like that's what you're trying to shake. We’ll see you when you’re done.”

Beatrice blushed.

She grabbed her foil and closed the locker. Out in the gym area people were already practicing. Another figure in white, only different in her that there was a lack of curvature, held out a hand to practice with her. She was grateful for the mask covering her face. She nodded.

The pair began practicing a bit. She let him correct her and "miraculously" picked up the forms quickly. She grinned and congratulated herself for her cleverness. Sure, she wasn't as experienced as the people here, but she'd had a little bit of fencing training before. Beatrice wasn't much compared to those with training, but she came off as unusually skilled for a flat beginner.

He's gonna think I'm so cool! 'Oh no, this is my first time! You think I'm a natural?’

After awhile of practice he proposed a spar. Best two out of three. Why not?

They started slow. He tapped her sword’s end. She tapped back. A slow steady exchange followed and in little time his sword tip touched her torso. One to nothing.

Beatrice decided to pull out a little flair. They started slowly again. Tap, tap, tap. Then, suddenly she stepped forward with a quick succession of moves. She caught him off guard and her sword tip hit his neck. One to one. She was almost giddily from her small success.

Beatrice held her sword at the ready and before she had even finished 'go' he started. He swung at her and in a panic she moved her hand and blocked the blow. He hit her so hard she felt the impact throughout her body.

"What the hell?!"

She stepped back quickly just before another punishing smack against a hurried block. Lightening fast, he thrust downward and she barely blocked again, being pushed further back and forced to retreat. Beatrice tried to hold on and matched blow for block again and again. He refused to let up, no matter what noises of shock and surprise she emitted. He swung at her mask and Beatrice ducked and watched the sword sail above her head.

What is wrong with him?

She couldn't see his face behind the mask. He recovered quickly and brought the sword sharply down as if to slice through her head. Beatrice’s sword shot up to protect herself and she stepped deftly to the side.

Beatrice deflected attack after attack with the sword close to her body. She was unable to get it very far out, for each wave of attacks would come in too quick a succession. A clumsy maneuver left her open and he thrust his sword at her, stopping inches from her neck.

Beatrice flinched but looked down to see he hadn’t taken the win. Why wasn’t he satisfied? Why wouldn’t he end it?

Beatrice dug her heels into the mat and lunged at him. He easily deflected. She tried again, unwisely throwing all of her weight into the lunge. Their foils connected loudly and for a moment it was a contest of strength. Try as she might, Beatrice couldn’t hold on. He swept his sword around hers and she felt her wrist twist painfully. The sword went flying out of her hand. She lost her weapon and her balance.

Beatrice pitched forward. He caught her around the waist and, to her surprise, roughly slung her back the way she came, throwing her backward. Pain shot up her arm as she and her wrist collided with the floor. With her good hand she lifted her mask and saw him gently poke her chest with the tip of his sword.

She looked a mess with her frazzled hair and flushed face gasping for breath. Her liquid eyes looked up at him, confused. He removed his mask and for the first time since it had began, she saw his face.

A smile.

((Paris Ardennes continued from Free Sample with Purchase))

“Good match!” Paris enthused cheerfully.

((Continued in Let's Start Something))
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