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Endurance: Mexico; It's started!
Topic Started: Feb 10 2013, 09:24 PM (1,927 Views)
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DAY 6 – 9:00 AM

“Hey, guys, come on out!”

Claire approached the six teams who were still hanging around. As they came around, they noticed the triangular piece that she was holding in her left hand: COURAGE. When they were sitting around the fire pit, Claire started once again.

“As you know, another team left last night. Gray Team left behind this piece, the Courage piece, and this note. Yumi actually insisted that you read it, Maxim.” She gave the note to him. Maxim cleared his voice and started reading.

Joey and Yumi
Hey, everybody!

Congrats to the Brown Team for surviving the Temple of Fate. No hard feelings, we understand that this game is just as much up to luck as it is to skill. Unfortunately, the auction granted all of the “Luck” to the luck and deserving Orange Team. (Cause you know, they won that piece …) Anyway, while we wish luck and success to all the teams, we are giving the Courage piece to the Yellow Team. For the courage and friendship they demonstrated to us.

Good luck, everybody!
Joey and Yumi, the GRAY TEAM

“So, Yellow, it seems like the two of you really wowed the Gray Team. You now have two pieces, putting you in second place right now.” Claire handed the piece over to Nina, who smiled at the news.

“Now we have another mission today, and you’ll be playing for another piece today, as well as the Samadhi. Get yourselves ready, we’ll be starting in a couple of hours. Just one hint: Bring water. Lots and lots of water.”

OOC: Alright, so Yellow now has two pieces. I've got the results of the Endurance Mission ready, so I'll just need a while to write up the results.
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