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SOTF Policy on Multiple Accounts
Topic Started: Feb 4 2013, 03:50 PM (1,248 Views)
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On SOTF, handlers are not allowed to have multiple accounts simultaneously active. This is because we only allow so many characters per handler.

There are some rare instances where a handler may wish to change accounts. If a username change is all that is desired, that can be easily accommodated. Should you want a whole new account, however, please let staff know that you had an old one and which it was. We're fine with accounts being switched if there's a good reason or it's been a long time since you were around. Many of our handlers fall into this category. We need to know about it, though, so that we can track things like adoption eligibility, activity warnings, and staff notes/warnings between accounts, and also so the old account can be locked.

Running multiple accounts at once is effectively cheating, and will result in a ban. Changing accounts without notifying staff will be frowned upon heavily, and will result in a ban should it be determined that any inappropriate action was taken or advantage gained. If not, the handler will be warned and may face further consequences (up to and including a ban) depending on the circumstances.
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