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A Tree Grows in Seattle; One Friday Afternoon (Open)
Topic Started: Dec 13 2012, 04:35 AM (1,051 Views)
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"I haven't decided yet, really. I've applied to a few schools, but from the ones that accepted me, I'm still torn." Megan paused. "I haven't decided on a major yet, either - maybe something in music, or even though it's a bit of a cop-out, English. I really need to stop second guessing myself."

After a few moments, Megan looked down at her Government book, still open to the glossary with her sheet of notebook paper and the pencil resting on the right page. With this slowly dying conversation (along with figuring that she had enough time to chill out and with the slowly increasing number of people at her table), she pulled the pencil out, closed the book, and stuffed them in her bag as she rose out of her seat.

Megan looked into Francis's eyes and said, "Uhm, yeah...I guess I should go. Thanks for the book suggestion, Francis..." Hoping that neither of the boys would hear her, she said to herself, "...And for sitting with me."

She felt a little bad leaving so soon after Gavin sat down, so she faced him and said, "Oh, and I'll see you later, Gavin." Megan nodded at him and walked towards the front of the library, passing through the doors Gwen walked through moments before.

It was a small and forgettable experience sitting at the table with Francis (and later Gavin), but Megan didn't care. It was all she needed, a rest from her week.

((Megan Emerson continued in Joy))
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The Past


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(Sincere apologies for how long this took.)

Gavin had to admit; this was a foreign situation to him. He rarely just sat and talked with his fellow students, and he found himself feeling somewhat more amenable to the idea than he had just a few seconds ago upon first sitting down. He was just letting another idle question form in his mind when it was suddenly dashed by Megan's announcement that she was leaving.

He felt a little regretful as she rose from her seat, but he pushed the emotion firmly aside. Her goodbyes were polite, and as he watched her leave he was sure he caught her muttering something softly under her breath. It took a moment's processing for Gavin to discern them, but then a slight smile broke across his face.

Hey, aren't you forgetting something?

Gavin started for the second time in less than five minutes, having totally forgotten the presence of Francis at his table. He felt a flush of embarrassment at the realisation as he began to rise, turning back towards the other boy.

"I guess this means goodbye for you and me as well. I shan't stay longer, but thank you for the company all the same."

With that, Gavin gave a very small bow to Francis and turned to exit the library. Once out in the hallway, he waited a tactful few moments to let Megan get well ahead of him before setting off.

((Gavin Hunter - Continued Elsewhere))
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Everyone was leaving all of a sudden. Megan was first to go, putting her stuff away, before looking straight at Francis and thanking him for suggesting Predator’s Gold. Francis could have sworn she said something else after that, under her breath. Her lips moved, at least. But if she had, Francis hadn’t heard it, and if it was really super important she would probably have said it louder. So Francis just smiled, said “Hey, no worries. See ya”, and watched as she walked out the library doors.

Then Gavin got up to leave. He almost seemed to have forgotten that Francis was sitting there, but Francis could forgive him that. He was pretty much as odd as Francis had heard, but there was nothing offensive or overly annoying about him. He was a pretty cool guy, as far as guys went. Although Francis did have to restrain himself from chuckling slightly at Gavin’s bow as he left. So now Francis was left on his own. He drummed his fingers on the table as he waited for-

“Hey, Francis. Over here!”

Francis looked round to see Rene walking towards him from another table. He smiled and got up to greet his friend. He was about to ask why he hadn’t said anything earlier, but Rene answered for him.

“I would have said something, but you looked like you were in a conversation with those two, so...” Francis shrugged and grinned.

“Nah, I don’t think Megan ‘n Gavin would have minded. Anyway, that doesn’t matter now.” Francis said hastily, noting that Rene’s expression had become slightly downcast. “It’s in the past. Right now, it’s time for parkour, and nothin’ else, right? Let’s go!” Rene’s expression swiftly changed into one of bemusement as the two walked out of the library doors.

“Seriously Francis, I dunno how you managed to be part of the popular crowd sometimes. You’re a complete idiot.”

((Francis St. Ledger continued elsewhere))


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