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Practice Session; Virgil and Ilya do sports!
Topic Started: Nov 24 2012, 10:18 PM (372 Views)
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"Perhaps this was not the best of ideas," Ilya said ten seconds into the pin. He could tell that Virgil was starting to regret this whole wrestling match idea as much as Ilya was.

Before Virgil came along and offered to help, Ilya had essentially nobody to train with. He was stuck maintaining a squatting position and doing pushups, both the regular, garden-variety pushups and special diamond pushups. Those involved making a diamond with his fingers, keeping them together on the ground, and pushing his elbows out. He wondered how many people who weren't athletes even knew about this style of pushups, let alone the benefits to doing them over normal pushups.

Then Virgil came into the gym, and for some reason Ilya thought that one athlete to practice against was better than none. It was technically true in that it was possible to practice his holds on a living body as opposed to empty air, but Virgil provided essentially no challenge at all.

Internally, Ilya was frustrated that he fell into the non-athlete trap of conflating all athletic pursuits into one homogenized lump. It reminded him of shoddy science fiction having scientist characters who were jacks of all trades in every field of science the plot required them to be.

In reality, athletes specialized, and rugby had very little in common with wrestling. One was a team sport as opposed to an individual sport, and the goals of rugby were completely different. As far as Ilya could tell, since he wasn't an expert in the sport, the bread and butter of rugby was in learning how to run, tackle, and pass the ball. Maneuvering and working in a team were key, and the game moved too intensely for finesse to be feasible in the act of tackling.

In wrestling there was no teamwork aside from the act of tagging people in, no momentum to make tackles work, and much less room to maneuver, not that wrestlers needed so much room anyway. Instead, technical wrestlers like Ilya concentrated on how the human body could and couldn't move, finding ways to restrict movement and ultimately pin their opponents completely.

With Virgil, who didn't know the first thing about movement restriction, stances, or anything, Ilya was able to pin Virgil pretty much instantly. All Ilya needed to do was pull Virgil down by the elbow, then grab his leg and knock him off balance, and finally hold his legs and pin him to the ground. Virgil had a weight advantage over Ilya, but that didn't mean a thing next to his complete ignorance of how the sport worked.

Ilya got back up off the floor, finally letting Virgil out of the pin. "I will have to teach you how to wrestle if you're going to be any kind of decent sparring partner in the future and not just cannon fodder to practice my holds on. Does that sound good to you?" The Russian folded his arms and looked at Virgil, awaiting his answer.
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