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Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Shak-Ti Tribe Camp
Topic Started: Oct 16 2012, 04:10 PM (2,109 Views)
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They did it. They won a challenge.

Finally they did something right.

Sharon was elated. How couldn't she be? She managed to avoid getting eliminated while simultaneously getting rid of one of the greatest physical contenders still in this game. That fact alone made her feel awesome. After all, it was sort of like how David beat the Goliath, except that Matt was beaten by a little girl. A little girl who had plans to make it far into the game.

However, now wasn't the time for too much strategy. Now was the time to celebrate and have fun together. After all, they won! Well, to be more precise, Jaquilyn won. She was a beast in the challenge and her cockiness and boasting during the challenge brought a great, big fat smile to Sharon. It was brilliant to watch and Sharon loved every moment of the challenge.

"I know what you mean Jaquilyn. I guess we should thank you for winning the game and kicking ass. I must say, for me, seeing you taunt the others was absolutely wonderful." Sharon admitted, flashing her a wide grin and laughing heartily as she talked to her in her thick scottish accent. She could take solace in the fact that she didn't come last or second last. That would have really sucked. Yet there was still a question that was tugging at her mind.

"Hey people, Jeff said only 11 people voted for there to be no tribal council. Did any one of you guys actually want to go? Personally, I voted not to go. What about you guys?" Sharon asked the others, wondering who in their right minds would vote to go to tribal. Judging from the numbers, Sharon guessed at least one of them wanted to go. Didn't they realize that it was equivalent to putting a great, big old target right on their forehead? Sharon didn't say anything though and waited for the reply.
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(feel free to have your characters speak between Jaquilyn's lines here. She had quite a bit to say, but I am willing to edit acordingly if something your character says during one of her breaks would change what she says. Also, I really would love to see what Francis, David, and Jo have to say here!)

So her moment was over. The celebration of Jaquilyn had ended, and the game had moved on. Sharon was digging for information, and probably trying to start something, and it seemed Jaq would be the one to say something first.

I promised to play this game with integrity.

All good things had to come to an end, and the Jaquilyn day parade was being rained upon. Oh well, it wouldn't hurt to see where other people stood.

"I voted to go to tribal."

She looked directly at Sharon, wondering if she'd see a look of shock, confusion, or disgust.

"I mean, the treemail thing made it pretty clear what the challenge was going to be like, and I was pretty confident."

And she was patting herself on the back again. But if anybody called her out, she had all the proof she needed to reinforce her point. Of course, she hadn't anticipated that somebody would be eliminated via challenge, but that worked out in everybody's favor.

"I didn't WANNA go to tribal council, but I was pretty sure we'd be fine. And i figured, if another tribe goes to council, that's one less opponent."
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