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Jake Hirohashi
Topic Started: Sep 29 2012, 10:35 PM (489 Views)
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Name: Jake Hirohashi
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Listening to music, playing guitar, a member of the book club, drawing, taking walks, going to thrift stores, going to concerts

Appearance: Jake is extremely thin and lanky for his age. About 5' 9" tall and 119 lbs. Because of how his body has grown in relation to his skin, he has many small stretch marks on his back.

His hair is a dark brown colour and his eyes are black, both traits come from his father's genes. His hair is quite flat and he keeps it short. His mother insists on making sure it stays at a fixed length and cuts it herself. His hair never gets in his eyes because he usually brushes his bangs, which are longer than the rest of his hair. He has sideburns, though he does not maintain them very well. His mother usually overlooks this in the attempt to get him to shave properly, though she will trim them when she gives him his haircuts. He has a half inch patch on the top of his head where his hair is thinner which was caused by self inflicted hair pulling during anxiety over a period of several years.

Jake is average looking and not the kind of guy that the girls in school rave about. His face is long and thin, with a prominent and slightly crooked nose. His eyes are far apart from each other. Not unusual for a person of his age, he has acne which he manages to keep under control with medication. He always has bags under his eyes because he often stays up late. His skin is pale with his cheeks and nose a brighter colour from exposure to the sun. He has a scar above his hairline from an accident. He is nearsighted and must wear glasses at all times to see properly.

He has rather poor posture. He is always slightly hunched over and slouches when he sits. He has very long arms so this makes them appear even longer in relation to his body. His arms are thin and are only slightly muscular. Jake's legs are above average in length and his calves have pronounced muscles because of the daily walks he goes on.

Jake likes to dress well. Despite teasing from friends and fellow students, he often wears suit jackets and ties. Because of his thin build, these jackets are often too big for him. When he does find a jacket that fits him, the pants that go with it are usually too short. Normally, he will buy a jacket from a thrift store and try to find matching pants separately. He prefers patterned ties over plain ones. Jake never wears shorts, and rarely wears tee-shirts unless the weather is very hot. Usually in warm weather he will wear a light button-down shirt and khakis. For footwear, he has several pairs of boots which he wears with everything.

Biography: Jake in Seattle to a Canadian mother, Janet Muller, and a Japanese father, Mori Hirohashi. He is an only child. His mother is freelance artist who illustrates children's books. Her job allows her to work at home, but she is often very busy with deadlines. Still, she manages to make time for her son when he needs her or just wants someone to talk to. His father is a journalist who writes for the arts section of the Seattle Times and will sometimes writes articles for The Stranger. He often works at home as well, but will occasionally go to the office. Jake has a good relationship with both of them.

When his family moved to the United States, Jake was three and had not had the time nor the experience to make any friends. Because of his artistic parents, Jake has always had an interest in music, reading and drawing. Before iPods, he had many CDs and tapes in his room which he would put on whenever he felt like relaxing or being artistic. He now has an iPod filled with thousands of songs from hundreds of artists. His shelves are full of books of a large variety of genres and subject matters. He is a fan of American and Japanese comic books.

Because of his frail, nerdy appearance and choice of clothing, Jake was often bullied in school. He also had trouble paying attention in class and got into small but frequent arguments with teachers because he didn't agree with what or how they were teaching. After some testing it was discovered that Jake is autistic and has Asperger's Syndrome. He also suffers from mild depression and anxiety.

This caused tension between Jake, who was frustrated at his teachers not being able to understand him and the teachers, who's jobs at the this school required them to follow rigid systems. He had a few friends who would stand up for him, but eventually the bullying from other students, and disagreements with teachers got so bad and frequent that his parents pulled him out of school, put him on fluoxetine for his depression and anxiety and taught him at home until junior-high. At home, he was given lessons on all the usual subjects, as well as philosophy, logic and critical thinking.

In junior-high, Jake learned how to play guitar with a combination of lessons and listening to his favourite music. He started using computer software to record his own songs. Eventually, he perfected his style, and started recording music with friends. Despite this, he has never been in a band.

When Jake was on a hike, he tripped and hit his head on a jagged rock while hiking with his parents. It was a very minor accident which didn't need to be treated at a hospital, but it left him with a permanent bump on his head.

Near the end of junior-high, Jake learned that he was severely underweight, and tried his best to eat more than he was used to. However, he could only stomach so much before getting sick, so he started taking long walks to increase his appetite. It turned out to do practically nothing, and he still remains underweight.

In the summer before high school, Jake suffered several colds, one after another and became mildly Pathophobic as a result, fearing sore throats above all other symptoms, because of the pain they caused him in doing things that are normal, like eating and talking.
Jake has still not come to terms completely with his phobia. He will attempt to hide it from other people, but will avoid crowds if he can help it and become nervous during allergy season or when someone around him shows symptoms of an illness. He often carries a bottle of hand sanitizer with him.

Jake started going to Aurora High School and became popular with the less outgoing of his classmates. Because of his intelligence, independent thinking and overall pleasantness to be around, he gained several friends as well as establishing good teacher/student relationships. When a teacher says something he does not agree with, he will sometimes make subtle suggestions to his annoyance, but largely remain quiet until after lessons where he will express his annoyance to his friends.

He started drawing romance comics to make up lack of a love life. However in 11th grade, he began a relationship with a girl which lasted until the end of the year. The girl moved too fast for Jake, and wanted to begin a more intimate relationship with him though he felt he wasn't ready. As a result, the girl left him, and he became prudent and cautious about relationships. He found solace in the book club, and used it as an opportunity to meet other people with an interest in literature and comics.

Though he never believed in God or gods to begin with, Jake came out as a prominent atheist in 12th grade on social networking sites and in school where he expressed his views to his friends. He doesn't see anything wrong with religious people as long as they don't rub their faith in his face, but sees many flaws in religion itself. He is very politically outspoken with far left leaning thoughts. Though he will get worked up when faced with someone with political or religious beliefs that finds to be against his personal moral code, he is a good diplomat when he calms down and listens to the other side of the argument.

Advantages: Jake is a rational thinker. For every problem, there should be a logical solution. Jake is a very kind and moral person, and tries to be a peacemaker in a group, even if he is at breaking point himself. He has strong legs and can walk for extended periods of time before resting.
Disadvantages: Jake doesn't always follow his own advice and occasionally acts without thinking. He doesn't like it when people disagree with him and though he tries to be polite about it, it often seems that he is being cold. He is cautious about girls. Though he has no problem working with them at a professional level, he often mistakes friendly advances for flirting and will become awkward and jumpy. He is physically weak in the upper part of his body and needs to wear glasses at all times. He must take 10 mg fluoxetine pills daily to keep his anxiety and depression at bay.
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It is now fixed. Sorry I did it again like last time.
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