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If You Got It, Ball Out; Open Thread
Topic Started: Aug 8 2012, 01:19 AM (1,321 Views)
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Rachael had gone. Michael was going. Paulo didn't see any clothes he liked. It was time to go ahead with his bad self.

He headed back out the way he came, amused by how that frosty menina seemed to not be persuaded by his charm.

((Paulo Abbate continued elsewhere))
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Michael blinked. Well, the situation had apparently worked itself out on its own. Rachael and Paulo had both waved and left, leaving him standing by himself.

Well, at least I don't have to deal with that prick any more. Woulda been nice to talk with Rachael a bit, though.

He shrugged, making his way to the checkout counter. As per tradition after buying a new hat, Indiana Jones was waiting. It would be blasphemy to delay watching it any more. Hat in hand, Michael smiled. The rest of the day would be completely. Fucking. Awesome. Guaranteed.

((Michael Mitchellson: Continued in HEAVEN OR HELL? LET'S ROCK!.))
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