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V5 Character Themes
Topic Started: Jul 24 2012, 10:44 PM (4,340 Views)
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Matt Masters: Shinedown- Diamond Eyes

I always thought that this song seems to fit Matt very well, even BEFORE I found out that it was the theme song to WWE Main Event. Ihe energy and instrumentality fits very well for a high-tension situation such as SOTF, and the chorus seems to fit his personality perfectly. And let's not even get started on 3:29-3:46...

Adonis Alba: Shinedown- Bully

Well... he's a bully, and a lot of people hate him. And in SOTF, most everybody ends up as a fading memory, no matter how big, mean, or tough they were...

Stacey May-Mordetsky: Aqua- Barbie Girl

This one is self-explanatory. Stacey embodies pretty much every quality of the song's titular "Barbie Girl", making it an incredibly obvious choice.

Jake Mordetsky: Reel Big Fish- Brand New Hero

The lyrics and downbeat tone throughout much of the song are a perfect reflection of Jake's depression and low self-esteem. He has dreams, but he can't reach them if he doesn't learn how to believe in himself.
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