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The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks.
Topic Started: Jul 9 2012, 12:00 PM (2,413 Views)
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Ethan let out a soft sigh as he kneeled down and looked underneath the bench. He was having no luck finding his gear, and his teammates were not exactly helping him. Supposedly Miles had no idea about what had happened, and Cody just seemed to have totally avoided the question by asking if he wanted to grab something to eat with the team.

"You know I love nothing more then to grab something to eat after a big game like this. There is one problem though. I don't think they would be a big fan if I rolled up still in my disgusting gear so if you want to hurry up the process could you please help me actually find my shit." Ethan inwardly groaned as he went back to looking for his shit. All he wanted to do was to have a shower, but until he could find his stuff that would be an elusive prospect. Hopefully somebody else would help him look but judging by their reactions he was by himself in this issue.
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After showering, Kyran had been quietly observing the scene Ethan was making, as he finished getting dressed. Cody and Miles were playing dumb, acting as if they had nothing to do with it. There were a few muffled snickers within the locker room toward Ethan and after a while of frantic searching Kyran felt like giving the guy a break. He slipped the strap of his bag over his shoulder and headed for the locker that he watched Cody hide Ethan's clothes early on.

"These your clothes, Ethan?" Kyran asked, already knowing the answer as he walked over and placed the set of clothing on the bench next to Ethan. He gave a nod of acknowledgement to Mike and Cody, not being much of a talker.

"Later," Kyran said before leaving the locker room in prep for the post game hang out the team had in mind at the diner.

[[Kyran Dean Continued Elsewhere...]]

Miles chuckled as he looked at the phone-picture that one of his teammates had asked him to take as the guy posed while doing some sort flex. He hadn't noticed it earlier, but Miles could see his own reflection in the mirror a dozen or so feet in back of his teammate, standing in his own sassy pose while holding the camera-phone in the photo itself. It was not on purpose, but nonetheless sexy and he knew it. Darn that awful song for getting stuck in his head.

Ethan was still looking around for his clothes and Miles couldn't help, but snicker along with some friends as he watched from a distance.

Miles didn't pay attention too much of what happened when Kyran gave Ethan his clothes. Instead he was keeping an eye on how many showers were getting freed up for the underclassman, so he could finally get clean.

"Hey, Cody!" Miles called out as he grabbed his towel and zipped straight to a stall. "The showers are open."

[[Miles Strickland Washed Up and Continued Elsewhere One Year Later To: It Was Just A Drink.]]
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