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Debates and Discourse; AP English Class debate - all welcome to join!
Topic Started: Jun 10 2012, 10:57 PM (2,472 Views)
Little Boy
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((I'm sorry guys, I thought we were waiting on someone else to post. Moving Mike out of here to reduce bodies, and also because I am being too inactive in this thread))

Mike leaned back in his seat, letting his head fall back and feeling his neck crack. He winced at the noise before blinking and re-orientating himself. He was ashamed to say that he had drifted off somewhere after the topic had changed. Not exactly the best impression. He was positive that the others had picked up on it as well.

He tried not to care, but it bothered him. He didn't want to be known as the guy who started up on his pet cause and then disappeared. Even the fact that it BOTHERED him bothered him. Mike frowned, flicking at the end of his pencil.

Oh, but what was there to say. He nodded along as Cammy talked- the girl was pretty smart. But he didn't have much else to say. Mike opened his book and idly flipped through it, waiting for something intelligent to pass him by.

((Mike is out of this threadddd))
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(Bradley Edwards continued elswhere...)
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Cammy let out a little sigh as she began to lose track of the conversation occurring in the classroom. English wasn't really her forte and she felt as if she already contributed enough to the classroom. There wasn't really anymore reason to pay attention to what the other students had to say, but she might as well listen. It could come in handy for a future essay.

As they continued to talk, Cammy leaned back on her chair and stretched her legs a little, trying to find a comfortable position to pass the time in. English was boring and Cammy didn't like the fact that she was stuck there. Right now, her mind wanted to be out on the track field, running again. But she had to get the grades in order to stay in the team.

Because of this, Cammy begrudgingly listened to the rest of the class do their thing, getting out the book and reading it as the others introduced arguments. Maybe she could pass the time with the book. Then again, the book was extremely boring. She sighed to herself as she read the book again, not having anything else better to do.

((Camilla "Cammy" Davidson continued in Bitches Be Crazy))
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(Just moving Virgil out of here so I can use him elsewhere. May change this later depending on what other people post)

The discussion carried on, with Virgil participating intermittently. Then the bell rang, and Virgil was off to his next class.

(Virgil Jefferson-Davis in Touch, Pause, Disengage)
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Cyrus huffed, waving a hand out dismissively and leaning back. He continues listening to the conversation until finally someone mentions a topic he seems interested in. He raises a hand. "In my opinion, while the others have been correct in their assumptions of the book being religiously orie-"
The bell rang and he immediately stopped talking, mouth agape. As the students poured out of class and he continued to simply sit down, he kicked himself mentally for not paying attention to the time. He blinks, pinching the bridge of his nose.
"No, no, no, no...." He mumbled to himself, packing his binder into the dark green backpack before rushing out.
(Cyrus White continued elsewhere)
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Rose just shrugged and kicked back for the rest of class, the one unique contribution to debate she could muster having been spent. She had to admit she smirked a bit at Cyrus's discomfort. There was just something about him that Rose didn't like, that made her want to see him stumble. But that was enough schadenfreude for her. She got up and walked away to her next class.

((Rose Matheson continued in I Hate Free Study))
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There wasn't another occasion to contribute. The bell rang, but that was okay. She'd just talk up more another day. It wasn't a big deal.

(Jessica Murphy continued in See with Eyes Unclouded by Hate)
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