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Mean Kids, Bullies & Volatile Personalities; Aurora High's Antagonist Personalities (Pregame Reference Sheet)
Topic Started: Apr 13 2012, 06:41 PM (2,369 Views)
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Jaq Locke is a spitfire. I wouldn't call her a bully by any means, but she doesn't take shit, and is relatively aggressive.

That said, she doesn't really like being friends with other girls, but she won't lash out on anybody unless crossed.

She's got some gender prejudice. If the sweetest girl in the world were to approach her, she'd be kinda cold and not really want to talk to her. If a rude one were to do the same it would escalate. She's a guy's girl. And if a girl crosses her (like Mara) things are unpleasant.

I'll look into the lady antagonists and see if any more rivalries seem appropriate.
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May 28 2012, 11:12 AM
Don't you mean Michael Joyner?
Whoops. yeah that's what I meant. ><

@LocoBroJoe - Added Jaquilyn. Also yeah cool. I put this list up for people to do things like finding someone proper to have some sort interaction with. :)
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Veronica McDonald: Pissing off Daniel Worcester, and then persisting after he made it clear that the conversation was over.
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Carlos and Eliza are both aggressive personalities, come to think about it.

Carlos is basically an insult dispenser - you have to "activate" him to receive a personally-tailored one.

Eliza, well, she's also kinda reactive too. But she's primarily the "counter-bitch" to Miranda Miller. Think the Panty to Miranda being Scanty.

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Can you hear me?
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Welp, looks like some serious shit is about to go down here.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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Stacey May-Mordetsky is definitely on this list. She's a total spoiled brat that puts down anyone that is not up to her "standards", which is pretty much 90% of the school.
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Whoa, I missed the jackass party.

Add Benjamin Ward to the list of mean guys. He's an arrogant, confrontative jock who prefers the hands-on approach to solving problem classmates.

Bonus beating points for looking at his sister the wrong way.

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Sharon definitely would count as a volatile personality. She's a walking bomb and all it really takes is someone to piss her off for her to lose her shit. While not a bully, she is the type of person who would go on verbal tirades with people and is generally not one to be nice about things.
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