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Clouds Up
Topic Started: Feb 20 2012, 10:28 PM (2,596 Views)
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Amy was glad to hear that Kam was probably cool with going in a large-ish group. Before today, she hadn’t been overly invested in Prom. She’d been planning on going, but that was about it. Now though, she was really looking forward to it. It would be a lot more fun going with friends than some guy who she just said yes to because hey why not. Amy also liked the idea of eating beforehand, although she wasn’t entirely sure she would be up for dancing afterwards. Ah well. Carpe diem, YOLO, all that good stuff.

Michelle looked up at the clock above the counter, and seemed to jump up slightly. Following her gaze, Amy also took a note of the time, and similarly started. Her dad was probably back by now, and expecting her to be home at a similar time.

As Amy fumbled around for her money, Michelle took her hat off of Amy’s head. Amy gave a mock pout, which swiftly turned into a grin.

“Aww, no fair. How dare you take back something that’s yours.”

Amy returned Michelle’s hug, and waved her goodbye as she made her way out of the diner. Amy finished counting up the money in her hand, staring at it for a couple of seconds. She wasn’t entirely sure she knew just how much she had. Ah well. At the very least, she had enough. Look on the bright side. I might have just given someone a slightly larger tip. That’s my good deed for the day!

Amy smiled, and turned to Yaz. “I need to get going too. Else my parents’ll get all shouty, and no-one wants that. I’m looking forwards to Prom now, though!”

Amy dumped her small amount of cash on the table, before standing up and giving Yaz another hug.

“I’ll see you around, Yaz!” Amy said, as she made her way out of the diner. It was only when she’d taken a step outside that she realised that she’d missed an opportunity to take a photo of herself wearing Michelle’s hat. Amy made a slightly disgruntled noise, before smiling, shrugging, and walking off home. Maybe she could ask whether Michelle had a spare…

((Amy Bachelor continued in Sleepwalker))
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Yaz watched as Michelle left feeling better than she had done when she had first walked into the diner. She had gone from dreading prom to actually being excited about it. Yaz had a smile on her face as she finished off her drink and took out the assorted coins from her pocket; she dropped them onto the table and started to count them out. She hummed a tune to herself as she did so. She was distracted thinking about prom because she remembered that she needed to pick out a dress from the ones she'd liked. It seemed like a lot of effort but since she was going with others now she would need to make sure she looked alright.

Yaz was so lost in her own thoughts that when Amy spoke to her she jumped. Amy was smiling at her and said that she needed to go otherwise her parents would shout at her. Yaz smiled back and nodded and returned the hug that Amy gave her. She waved as Amy left the diner and went back to counting her coins. She wasn't exactly sure how much she wanted to leave as a tip. She also wondered what it would be like to go with a big group but at least Michelle said Kam would be cool with her and Amy joining them. So that mean't it wouldn't be awkward and that was always a positive.

Yaz also realised that if she went to prom she'd need shoes and to do her hair. She sighed the more she thought about it the more she had to consider and the more effort she'd have to put into prom. But at least it would be fun, she hoped. She decided to leave a generous tip before putting her headphones in and leaving the diner. With the realisation that she had to prepare much more than she realised her nerves had returned but she tried to forget about it as she made her way home.

((Yasmin Carroll continued elsewhere...))
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