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Spooky Little Ghosties; A.K.A. the buddy Halloween thread!
Topic Started: Feb 9 2012, 04:02 AM (2,436 Views)
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((Kind of certain this thread is dead. Breaking order to have Claire leave))

Gray and Sean soon came into the room. Claire was interested in their costumes, since Gray looked like a bloody hoodlum and Sean was an internet troll. This was quite a motley crew, and they were going to watch some awesome movies.

Claire took another bite out of the fucking awesome cupcake.

Oh man, I hope we start soon.

Well, the evening had been awesome. Claire had stuffed herself with cupcakes, popcorn, and soda, and managed to dry her throat out from laughing. She bid farewell to her friends and returned to her car.

"Best. Viewing. Party. EVAH!" she said to herself as she began to start her car.

((Claire Monaghan continued elsewhere))
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Chuck had had a good time. He'd eaten as much of the food as he could without appearing selfishly greedy (he knew how to stop at comically greedy, though.) He'd enjoyed the company of his friends. They were good people, good people to laugh at other people with. He enjoyed the movies, and if he was a movie reviewing type, he would have given them good reviews. Well, bad reviews. But good bad reviews! As in, like, films that are bad but good in ways the creators did not intend. You know, like his costume? Except his costume was shit as a stylistic choice. These films were shit. But it worked!

As is now obvious, Chuck is not a film-reviewing type. He lacked the same knowledge about film terminology and quality that he had about more important subjects like global politics, the gossip in Seattle police stations (his dad had a habit of bitching about his colleagues to his kids and reporting recent incidents of police stupidity to his wife) and the pedestrians in Red Dead Redemption (he knew their names and everything. Don't judge. Being an editor of the Red Dead Wiki required detailed knowledge.)

Chuck was the second to leave. Unwilling to walk home in the incredibly stupid and impractical "outfit" he was wearing, yet just as unwilling to discard it and throw away the good memories he had spent many minutes working on, he called his parents and waited to be picked up. It was late at night, so traffic was fairly minimal.

A few minutes later, a family friend came by to pick him up, being the designated driver at the party his parents were attending.

((Chuck Soileau continued elsewhere.))
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It was a blast.

Needless to say, Alex had fun. Silly movies, fun costumes, snacks?

Who couldn't enjoy that, especially with their friends? Honestly?

Once everyone had left and her parents and Nathan had returned home, Alex had fallen asleep on the couch. The cardboard pieces had been set aside next to her on the floor, but she was still in her cat ears and tail.

She was tired. But she had a good night.

((Alex Ripley continued elsewhere))

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