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Economic Comics; Bringing humor to AP Econ
Topic Started: Feb 8 2012, 10:46 PM (1,524 Views)
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((Debut of Zubin Wadia))

Zubin sat back in his desk as he opened up his notes. It was filled with various facts and figures about microeconomics. The subject itself was actually pretty interesting - namely, how the economy affected the firm. He didn't know what it was though that was causing his eyelids to droop though. Was it a food crash? Boredom? Zubin didn't really care as he found himself in a nice little dream world where he was

... Zubin?"

Zubin looked up to the source of the voice - Miss Gunderson, the AP Economics teacher. She seemed a little annoyed - of course, what teacher wouldn't be, what with calling on the guy who was dropping off.

"It's your turn to present." Zubin nodded and walked to the front of the room to display his contribution to the project that everyone had been given - a one-page comic outlining a chosen microeconomic theory in some form, which Miss Gunderson promptly displayed on the smartboard.

"Okay. My topic was that of elasticity. Now in this first panel, we see a sale: 20% off all cars. Naturally, these two guys are quite distressed, given the riot outside for cheaper cars. In the second panel, we have another sale: 20% off all office supplies, and nothing's really going on. Why would there be? Now, the difference between these two is that the sale in the first panel is for that of an expensive, durable, luxury good. Well, relatively speaking. The office supplies being marked down are inexpensive, short-lived, and necessary for those who buy it. As such, slashing the prices on all cars would greatly increase the people trying to buy cars, while such a slash in the price of office supplies would not have that much of an effect. Anyone have questions?" Zubin chuckled.

Silence. "Okay then. Thank you." Zubin returned to his seat and sat down.

((Zubin Wadia continued In Relative Solitude))
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