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You hit like a girl
Topic Started: Feb 4 2012, 03:00 PM (3,482 Views)
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Andi left, leaving just the five of them to the bet. Just as well. Less people to compete with. Katy, while swinging every time with great power (and more than a little rage), had terrible accuracy. And she was mostly bluffing with her talk of bets and competition.

She took a test swing, adjusted her hands so her knuckles lined up proper (she had a habit of grasping the bat wrong that she was determined to deal with this year), and squared up to the "plate".

"Let's see if we can find the zone today, girls.

Katy smiled, waiting for the first pitch.

(I'm ready for a timeskip)
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(timeskip, go! Minor GMing approved)

Alda sighed, wiping sweat off her brow as she placed the bat down. She frowned at the batting machine in front of her. "Whaddya say, Susan, best two out of three? I think my machine's busted." She laughed to herself, shaking her head. "Nah, I'm totally joking, you won that Coke, yeah, yeah."

Alda turned, grabbing the rest of her stuff. "You know girls, I'm beat. Maybe we should all go grab a bite? I owe Sue a coke, and I'm pretty sure I still owe Iselle ten bucks. So, food? I'll pay!" She grinned. "Not that I don't enjoy getting my ass kicked by you guys on a daily basis, or anything."

She exited the cage smoothly, rolling her shoulders and cracking her back as she did so. "So, where you guys want to go?" she asked, walking away. Even with Andi's storm off, and Susan's superior batting skills, Alda still loved softball practice, which was obvious as she skipped merrily towards the park exit. "Last one there's a rotten player!"

(Alda Abbate, continued elsewhere)
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Kathryn threw one more pitch as Alda brought practice to a close. She shook her head slightly at her teammates lack of dedication. She and Iselle had been here the longest and yet the others were calling it quits. Kathryn thought it had been a pretty good session, the majority of her pitches had been right over the imaginary plate. She couldn’t wait for the season to start.

“I’m up for a bite,” Kathryn said. She’d remembered to call her mom shortly after she’d started throwing to Iselle. “That is if someone can give me a ride home.”

Kathryn bent over to collect the balls she’d been using and looked around to make sure that she had all of her gear. After retrieving her bat from the cage, she moved to follow the others to the parking lot.

((Kathryn Nguyen continued in After Practice))
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Iselle slowly stood up from her catcher’s crouch with a groan, stretching her back as much as possible. Even though things had gotten off to a slow start, practice had shaped up to something productive. Too bad Andi flaked out on them and a couple girls never showed at all. She and Kathryn would take that up with Coach Vee later.

As she rubbed her thighs, she watched the three in the cage as they got cleaned up. It looked like Susan and Katy had given Alda a red-assed beatdown in the cages. Good for them. It was good when they challenged each other. It kept everyone on their toes.

“Yeah, I could eat,” she affirmed as she gathered up her own gear. Of course, since most of it was currently on the floor, nothing would fit back into the bag properly. Iselle struggled to quickly stuff her equipment into the locker bag since the other girls were clearing out. “How quick do we want to eat? We could hit Jack In The Box. Their tacos are two for a dollar and they have mozzarella sticks. Or we could hit The Around The Clock if we’re not going to eat our own feet off. If funds are an issue, we can always crash my house. You know my moms always have the garage ‘fridge stuffed with either leftovers or stuff we can cook up quick.”

Huffing with irritation, she blew an errant strand of hair off her face as she wrestled with the bulging zipper. “Anybody who needs a ride, I have the van so I can fit people and equipment comfortably."

She watched the other girls keep walking. “Well, I can if you ASSHOLES WAIT FOR ME!”

Turning her head, Iselle looked at Katy. “Let’s go, karate kid. Get the lead out,” she teased as she scrambled to her feet and hurried after the other girls, her gear bag banging against her back as she jogged towards the parking lot.

((Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer continued in After Practice))
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Things had shaken out pretty well for Susan. It helped that she was right about having a good day. Everything had gone well. She'd been alert, aware, accurate. It was the best run in practice she'd had in a while. While she wasn't too worked up about her success compared to Alda's slightly lacking performance, Susan was pretty proud of herself on her own merits. She laughed when Alda suggested best two of three, and was half a second from accepting when the girl declared she was kidding. That was fine. Susan was having a good day in the cage, but a break sounded pretty good too.

After that, it was just a matter of figuring out what to do next. Alda proposed food. Food seemed like a really good idea at the moment. Food with someone else paying, well, that was even better. Susan didn't feel bad about accepting; she'd surely end up returning the favor for her friends sometime soon enough. Isella gave a few suggestions as to where they could go, which Susan considered before speaking.

"I'm down for food and a ride," Susan said. "Anywhere's good for me. I mean, if Alda's paying, maybe we should check out some five star place. Anyone up for dinner on top of the Space Needle?"

She added a little laugh, just to make sure everyone knew she was kidding. Fancy dining wasn't really her idea of a good time anyways. Susan was more comfortable in places where she could just enjoy a casual, fun time with her friends. Anywhere would work for that. She was pretty sure she could find something to her liking on just about any menu.

Susan was in the middle of the group as they headed out, trying to keep up with the leaders while not leaving Iselle and Katy too far in the dust. As Iselle shouted after them to wait up, though, Susan laughed and picked up her pace just a bit.

After all, what fun were teammates if you couldn't give them a bit of a hard time now and then?

((Susan Clarke continued in After Practice))
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Katy threw Iselle a withering glare at the "Karate Kid" remark, even as she gathered up her bat and her gear. She'd have to give a little "karate" demonstration on the girl later. Show her some of the more interesting things.

She pulled out her phone and took a look at it. She still had some time before Judo. And food did sound good.

"On we go, then." Katy exited the cage, following on the heels of her team.

((Katy Warren continued in A Recursive Process ))
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