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These Dusty Shelves; Open! Come one, come all!
Topic Started: Jan 28 2012, 10:29 PM (2,190 Views)
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Katy pulled out her cell phone and took a look. It was about time to head out for class. She brushed back her hair with her other hand, replacing the phone as she did so. She took hold of the book, looked at the cover, found that it was, indeed, interesting.

"No time for that. I'll take it."

Katy reached into her purse (a cherished possession, a gaudy Hello Kitty purse she bought from a Sanrio store in Tokyo), opened her wallet, and pulled out the money on the price tag. She left it on the counter, not even giving the kid a chance to pop the register. She turned on her heels and headed out. Before she left, she gave him one parting shot:

"I'll probably be back in a few days."

And then she was out the door.

((I just wanted to roll Katy out, if you don't mind. If yes, I can do edit.))

((Katy Warren continued in You hit like a girl))
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