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Michael Whaley
Topic Started: Jan 21 2012, 10:03 PM (788 Views)
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Name: Michael Whaley
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Varsity football, varsity basketball, varsity baseball, working with the deaf

Appearance: At 6'2", 215 pounds, Mike Whaley presents an imposing figure. He has short, straight light brown hair, brown eyes, and a straight pointed nose of medium size. His body is very stocky and muscular from working out, although his skin is light. He normally wears jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers, along with a long sleeved shirt of some kind if it's cold out. The right side of his mouth is normally curled up in a smirk, as if there's a constant joke that only he understands.

Biography: Michael Whaley was born to two loving parents in Seattle on August 8, 1993. His father was a well-paid professor at Seattle University, while his mother worked at the Northwest School for the Deaf, making them decently wealthy. All in all, the Whaleys were a normal, loving family unit, but with one important twist that shaped Mike's life: Mr. and Mrs. Whaley were deaf from birth, while Mike himself was able to hear perfectly. While Mike's parents had the ability to speak English, they were much more comfortable using American Sign Language. As such, they were able to teach Mike sign language, but needed some assistance teaching him spoken English. As a result, Mike used to sign at every opportunity, however he has since toned this down to when it was necessary to speak in ASL and whenever he was became nervous, the latter being a habit he is trying to stop.

Michael was always a big, boisterous kid, hanging out with the other athletic kids, preferring and showing skill in physical games and using physical force when playing games, sometimes more than necessary, but all in all, he was and still is a friendly guy. Over elementary school, he joined the Little League, where he showed some good skill, and in middle school, Mike started playing football, showing good skill at tackling, becoming an excellent strong side safety, and basketball, being an excellent center.

When Mike joined Aurora High, he started volunteering at the Northwest School for the Deaf, where his mother worked, assisting in tutoring the grade-school children after school as well as helping out during various intramural sports, always ready to start up a flag football or basketball game among the kids. He also joined the football, baseball and basketball teams, working his way up to starting strong-side safety, second baseman, and center, respectively.

Currently, Mike hangs out with the jocks. He's a relatively laid-back person who loves to hang out with his friends, and he prefers to not get in physical altercations, although it still happens sometimes. He does decently in school, getting a B average in his classes, preferring English and History. At home, he has a normal relationship with his parents: they don't necessarily communicate as much now, but they are still on good terms. Mike's work with the deaf and his family situation are no secret, although it is not something he talks about, mainly because he sees little reason to do so.

Advantages: Due to playing on sports teams, Mike is very athletic, having good strength, endurance and speed. Living with deaf parents and volunteering at a school for the deaf has made him very good at American Sign Language, and nonverbal communication in general. He's a fairly nice guy, so he would have an easier time than others in making allies.
Disadvantages: When he gets nervous, he tends to speak in sign language, which can be quite unwieldy if he's holding a weapon or if the person he's talking to does not speak ASL. Furthermore, his large frame makes him an easy target for an attacker, making stealthy approach difficult to pull off.
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