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Drawn Pictures; Plus Character Requests?
Topic Started: Jan 12 2012, 10:48 PM (6,609 Views)
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It's been a while, but I have the first six guys of the Program roster.

M01 - Kyle Williams (handled by Lord_Shadow)
M02 - Damien Stone (handled by Fioriboy)
M03 - Jonathan Roberts (handled by Pippin)
M04 - Carlyle Shotton (handled by Pippin)
M05 - Marley Jenkins (handled by me)
M06 - Brian Meyerhold Callison (handled by Aura Master Fox)

Also, although it's pretty irrelevant, I did finally make a dA that isn't cluttered with embarrassing fandom things, and I think there was someone who wanted to know if I have a dA account so... now I do. So I'll just drop the link to that here. All it will be is personal projects that will likely die within a few weeks because I get distracted easily. But yeah - Mad Octopus Creations. All that's up there is just a kinda typical 'oh look there's these high schoolers that learn magic' but with... stuff under that that I don't wanna give away right now, so yeah. Uh, stuff. Any feedback on the stuff over there would be good, but you don't have to or anything.
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