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The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Topic Started: Oct 21 2011, 04:51 PM (14,412 Views)
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So here's a bump, because I need to practice getting into my characters heads and for some reason I suck at it this time around. :-/

OK, so are you going to ask someone out to the prom or do you wait for someone to ask you?

Kyran: (Short answer he'd say.) Prom isn't really my thing.

(Longer answer that he'd think about)
Prom isn't really my thing, but it's sort of a high school tradition and my mom would like to see me go, not to mention there's going to be a few kids I know and like there and I'd probably go for them. As for who I'd go with? Hm, I'd probably either ask a close friend, like Alex Ripley and go together as friends... or I'd probably just wait for someone to come to me and ask, because hey, any decent girl who has the courage to ask a guy out is fine in my book. Granted: She isn't one of those annoying kind of people.

Miles: The best guy always goes with the best girl. It's for the good of the species. I seek her or she seeks me. Probably the latter. *smiles*

Lahela: I guess if someone wanted to ask me, I'd be flattered and say yeah. Even better if he's a cute haole boy. I'm probably not going to ask anyone myself though, but I'd still go. It's prom after all. *Sigh* I miss my old school.

Question: Who at school do you think is the most funny, whether intentionally or unintentionally?

Kyran: *shrugs*

Miles: The funniest people at school to me, are those socially awkward kiddos whose hijinks, never cease to amuse me. *smiles*

Lahela: I don't know too many of these people, so I wouldn't know who's the funniest. I guess the talkative kids who joke and kidd around a lot. The ones who's humor comes naturally pretty much, without overdoing it.


Oh right I need to put up a question! Hm: What do you think about your family/parents/siblings?
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New Question: If you could tame any animal in the world and make it your pet, which one would you choose?

Kyran: Animals, huh? Cool. That's a subject I know a little something about. I pick the Tasmanian Devil - buggers are vicious.

Miles: An American Eagle.

Lahela: I've always thought penguins were cute.

The eternal conundrum: Pizza toppings. What are your favorites?

Kyran: Um, any? It's pizza, I'm not picky.

Miles: Supreme.

Lahela: Haha, funny enough most people from Hawaii, including myself don't even like the pineapple and ham, Hawaiian Pizza. I like Pepperoni, or something normal like that.

QUESTION: What have you done in your life that you regret the most?

Kyran: I'm liking my pick-up, but I'm thinking I should've gotten the jeep instead.

Miles: *Sips on a cup of espresso* - Should have gone with the hot cara-mocha latte. I like mine, scalding.

Lahela: Not being able to do anything to prevent my mom and dad's divorce.

Q: Hypothetical question here! Let's say you were placed on an island and forced to kill several of your own classmates for your freedom. What would you do?
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Practicing again, by pulling some of the questions. Time to get back into character and start trying out my 4th kid in registration.

NEW QUESTION: Can you elaborate on your heritage? Feel free to go in-depth as you want to.

Kyran: 50% Spanish from my mom and the other 50% is something Caucasian on my dad's side. He's white.

Miles: Well, obviously being Caucasian, I'm descended from European ancestry. My grandmother says our family's origin are French on the Bell side, from my mother. My father says on his side of the family, we're Scandinavian, either Swedish, or Danish and English.

Lahela: I'm a mixed bag. Poi dog, we call it. The ones I know for sure, are Hawaiian, Tahitian, Chinese and German.

Tino: I be JAMAICAN MON. (I'm black)

Question: Have you ever wondered or think about what you would look like as a member of the opposite gender?

Kyran: Negative.

Miles: I've never thought about it, nope. I'm sure I'd be equally ravishing as a female. Though there's this joke that my family says, about my cousin Naomi being the female version of me and vice-versa. *smiles then blurts out a laugh* Yeah, I can't be serious. I'm much prettier. *Smiles and then laughs again*

Lahela: Hahaha. What kine questions are these? Uh, I guess I'd be pretty much the same, just... a guy.

Tino: AHA! Oh man, I'd go jogging. Yeah buddy!

Question - If you could be any animal, which animal would you be?

Kyran: I really like animals. Maybe a cheetah. They're cool. Plus cheetahs have amazing speed.

Miles: Possibly an American Eagle, I'd love to see what it's like to fly while being majestic at the same time. Or a wolf. The alpha wolf, of course, being the leader of my pack. My middle name actually happens to be, Wolfe, by the way. *smiles*

Lahela: A penguin. I dunno. I just like penguins, ok!

Tino: Panda: Because then I'd be a Kung Fu Master! *Does crane pose*

When do you feel the most alive?

Kyran: Zipping down the road in my truck or on my moped, caring for animals with my mom at the vet, or when out doing something active, like playing sports.

Miles: After drinking a nice, hot latte. *smiles*

Lahela: Outdoors, at the beach. I love the sun and water. It was like my second home.

Tino: Whenever I'm with my grandpa. That guy's a riot!

Question: If you could own a dog of any breed, which breed would you pick?

Kyran: I've owned a few breeds. I liked German Shepherds the best.

Miles: I'm more of a cat person. *Snuggles Mister, on his shoulder*

Lahela: Corgis are cute.

Tino: Chihuahua, so then he could bring me tacos.

Question: What was the last "snack" you consumed?

Kyran: Celery sticks. I eat healthy.

Miles: You'd think it would be an espresso of some sort wouldn't you? But then you'd be wrong. My latest snack happened to be a champagne glass of Sparkling Moscato. I drink the stuff, as if I were a baby and it was my mother's milk. *smiles*

Lahela: Spam Musubi. You guys think that's disgusting don't you? Too bad there's no shave ice or malasadas here in Seattle.

Tino: Delicious Subway Sandwich.

Question: Do you believe in anything paranormal/superstitious/supernatural (like, for example, ghosts)? If so, what?

Kyran: Negative.

Miles: I've seen Sasquatch and she's a girl - I think, not quite sure. You can see her around Aurora High School. *smiles*

Lahela: Oh I kinda do, but I kinda don't. Like sometimes, you know what I mean? Depends. Like ghosts sometimes. You ever heard of the Menehune?

Tino: I want to believe that unicorns and dragons exist. Mostly unicorns so I can ride one like Neil Patrick Harris did. What do you mean it's not supernatural?

Question: If neither money nor distance were obstacles, where in the world would you most like to visit?

Kyran: I don't know, anywhere cool, I guess.

Miles: *Laughs at the question* Money isn't an obstacle, but my parents are. I'm so sick of my father wanting to vacation in Abu Dhabi. I'm not going to Abu Dhabi.

Lahela: If I could, I'd go back home to visit Hawaii every weekend.

Tino: Narnia. Jus' Keeeeding. Almost anywhere really. Experiencing different stuff is always fun.

Question: What are you doing after high school? What career path will you be going for?

Kyran: I wanna go into animal science and work with animals, like my mom. I like helping and taking care animals.

Miles: Something High Priced, likely law or politics like my parents. My father's a lawyer and my mother's what you call a states attorney. *smiles*

Lahela: Oh I really don't know. Maybe a teacher like my mom.

Tino: Going to college! Don't know what for, yet, still deciding. But I know I wanna do some comedy in the future, maybe.

Question: Would you ever consider doing it with someone of the same gender?

Kyran: (No comment)

Miles: Haha. No, I'm not gay. Sorry about that. *smiles*

Lahela: If they're hot, hell yes.

Tino: Uhhhhhh. I can admit if another guy is one sexy beast and all man, like Bruce Campbell, Chuck Norris, and the guy on the Old Spice commercials, but doing it with them? ...... Maaaaaybe.

Question: What's your favorite part of your favorite activity (Like if you're a football player, what's your favorite part of football,if you're a musician, what's your favorite part about music,.etc)

Kyran: Well, I am an athlete. I just like the feeling when I'm out there, running and stuff. It's cool.

Miles: With soccer it's making a score. Or winning. I like winning. *smiles*

Lahela: Uh... I play the ukulele, but I can play the guitar too. They're similar. I like making music and listening to the sounds I create. It's fun.

Tino: Man, video games are killer, Homie! I just like to shoot stuff and beat stuff up, especially against friends. Bow down before Zod- I mean Tino, bitches.

New Question: Off the top of your head, can you name us 10 of your friends (or if you can't think of any more, you can include family members or non-friends you know) and a few words or sentence to describe each?
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