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The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Topic Started: Oct 21 2011, 04:51 PM (14,337 Views)
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Jan 13 2012, 07:51 PM
Question: Are you a big eater? Or Do you barely eat? What's your favorite food?
Jamie Snicket: Well, that's nice. I guess I am a big eater, I mostly burn all the rest of it off during sports though. I'm partial to a good pasta, spaghetti bog is always good.

Danielle Jason: Does sugar count? Heh, joking, joking. I like candy, like you know those really gummy bear things? Yeah, the blue and see-through flavour ones are awesome. I don't think I'm a huge eater though, sometimes I skip lunch accidently when I lose track of the time and I'm like "why am I so hungry" and then I realise that.

Question: Why take diet pills when you can enjoy AIDS? OK, so are you going to ask someone out to the prom or do you wait for someone to ask you?
B069 Ben Powell: That's a bout. Salute. Shake hands.
G052 Sapphire McLeod: The Youngest Was The Most Loved
G084 Eve Walker-Luther: The Prime Time Of Your Life

Game Over. Continue?
> y

Jamie Snicket
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