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The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Topic Started: Oct 21 2011, 04:51 PM (14,341 Views)
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Question: What's your favorite kind of pizza?

David: *writes on a note, hands it to the questioner. The note reads: "I don't like pizza". David's not smiling.*

Oskar: Pizza?! I love pizza! Any kind of pizza, as long as its not like eggplant or broccoli or some gross stuff like that. I usually just go with the flow, I mean, like if everyone I'm with wants cheese pizza, I'll have cheese pizza, if everyone wants pepperoni, I'll have pepperoni... I mean, I'm not gonna be like the odd one out. And really, it's pizza, you're gonna like every kind... although now that I think about it, I do like pasta pizza. But then again I like chicken parm pizza.... and buffalo chicken pizza... and cheese pizza... and double cheese pizza... I love pizza!

Megan: You know when you wake up, it's 11 am, you just missed your job interview, there's a guy you seriously regret fucking in your bed, your head's pounding, and your house is trashed? You following me so far? And you go into your fridge, and there's no fucking drinks, cause you used the orange juice for a chaser? You follow me? And then finally, when all hope has been lost, you spy it- the pizza box, lying on the couch, a lone cheese slice waiting for consumption. That's my favorite pizza. Cuz fuck it, everything else is going to shit, but eh, at least there's fucking pizza.

Question: Who's your celebrity crush?
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All in the game, yo... All in the game.- Omar Little, The Wire

J.J. Sturn- "I'm not a bad person. I'm not a bad person."
Mike Jeffries- "Don't worry, guys. Everything's going to be just fine."
Omar Burton- "I must say, I'm beginning to realize that I'm the only smart person in the room."
Kaitlin Anderheim- "I've never even talked to a guy before..."

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