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The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Topic Started: Oct 21 2011, 04:51 PM (14,411 Views)
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Question: Who's your celebrity crush?

Ted Teach: Oh, without a doubt it's Emma Stone! Not in a creepy Jim Carrey way, it's just... well, the cute nose just does me in.

Kate Byrne: I'm... I'm going to have to go with Ted on that one. She is cute. Kind of spunky, too!

Byron St. Laurent: Well... *grins fiendishly* I have many favorites among the adult film industry.

Elias Vandrier: *silent glare*

Frank Ragan: What kind of a question is that? Look at me. No seriously, look me up and down. Do you honestly think I have a friendly answer to that question? Do you think that I really give a damn about some plastic bimbo in a fuckin' six-thousand dollar dress? Some asshole who more money in a day than I'll see in a lifetime, and gets worshiped by a bunch of airhead teenage girls?

You know what? I think we'd get more valuable entertainment out of these cocksuckers if we just took every A-Lister and stuck them on an island with some shanks and a few kilos of coke and let them have at it... Almost like a fuckin' crossover of Oz and SOTF. That is the ONLY WAY you would ever get me to pay more than a moment's attention to these greedy, shallow people.

...what the fuck is this, anyways?

Question: You are stuck in an airport for eight hours. What do you do?
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