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v5 Rules of Thumb
Topic Started: Sep 5 2011, 02:08 AM (2,753 Views)
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You hate kings and you think kings are really stupid. They are petty, bossy tyrants and are really full of themselves and are basically awful in every way.
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I se pretty much no problem with this idea and would urge you to go for it, since it's something that's pretty original and makes a character's story more interesting. And it's damn realistic. I mean, there's a shitload of high school/college aged kids who've got their "man if there was ever a zombie attack I'd survive it because I'd do x y z!" plans. People want to feel smarter. They want to feel less afraid. They want some assurance that for whatever scary thing is out there, it won't happen to them.

And I love how the Rule 0 is something he's gonna be inherently breaking, just because it's exactly how this kind of thought process is going to turn out. It's there to make him less scared, but he's not always gonna follow the rules and even if he does they're not nearly gonna make him invincible. I fully support this enterprise, because if handled well it adds an awesome dimension to how the character thinks and acts on the island, and had huge potential to go in multiple interesting directions. Provided you can stay away from the smug, shallow "heh, look at how much I, the handler, know about SotF" direction, which I have faith you can, this could be quite awesome.
Jeremy Franco is alive. You can write a better ending, goddammit.

Charlie DuClare is dead. And nothing was easy anymore except to smile.
Julian Avery is dead. Courage was the man with a gun in his hand.
JJ Sturn is dead. Fuck it, all good things gotta come to an end.
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