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v5 Rules of Thumb
Topic Started: Sep 5 2011, 02:08 AM (2,751 Views)
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I... was going to keep quiet, but I feel it necessary to speak my mind. I hope you guys don't mind me rambling.

When I saw this earlier, I wasn't sure what to think. I... don't think I've ever seen this among the 'fan' characters before, and I've been around since V2. I'm honestly unsure as to whether this could really work or not. I wanna be hopeful and say yes, but I can't just excuse how meta this is. Acidic brings up a good point, but just keep in mind that the rules are much more lax on the mini. Besides, things in the TV world are a bit askew... well, fucked up too, if you want to go with that. Okay, really fucked up. And as Elena said, those don't exactly apply to this universe. We've always strive for realism.

So at this stage, I don't see the Rules of Thumb idea working. Elena's right, it's just too meta. At this stage.

I'm not saying this is not at all possible, it's just that it won't work like it is now. I'm quite sure that in any realistic situation, someone's gotta think of a list of rules for surviving SOTF. Chib's right, it's entirely likely and isn't at all unrealistic. We've had fan characters before. When I really think about it, I'm surprised a character hasn't done this already. So, yeah, I can't go and say that this idea isn't different from the other fan characters. It is very different. Impossible? No. Not even slightly.

However I don't... really understand the Zombieland connection. I don't think it works.

I always felt the rules were also used to establish Columbus, a unsociable WoW addict. He follows the rules because he has no one else. No family, no friends. Just a life spent inside watching movies and playing games. What I liked about the rules was that Columbus developed as a character when he's able to break his own rules to save someone! The rules themselves, while played up as a running gag for most of the movie, are meant to describe who Columbus is.

I doubt this is the case, because Decoy said plain out that Zubin wasn't necessarily going to follow the rules. I honestly have a few questions though. Why is he afraid? I'm sure anyone in the SOTF universe would be afraid of getting kidnapped, but is there something different about Zubin's feelings? What makes him want to come up with these rules? Is he paranoid that he'll get kidnapped? If that's the case, then why is he even going on the trip in the first place? That's the first rule after all - Don't go on any class trips! He's breaking Rule 0! Or is he going to come up with these rules once he's on the island? That could work, though it goes against Zubin's "isn't necessarily going to follow the rules" bit.

If you ask me, the rules should be a reflection of Zubin's personality like it did for Columbus. They should showcase how he's very strict and dedicated to following rules, or how paranoid he is or how savvy he is towards SOTF. Don't be like "This guy is so savvy about SOTF, he even made his own rules up", or place the rules in there to make Zubin stand out. Instead, work it out so that the rules itself describes your character better than simply... stating what your character is. That's just my opinion though.

But, yeah. I like what Kami came up with. Her idea of "Oh shit, think of a plan" might work in this case. Coming up with the rules in-game is a possibility. However, I actually came up with another idea that might work.

The rules of thumb would work much more realistically if they were done in jest, before the game ever started. Like... as a joke between friends that gets turned into a terrifying reality?

Here's an example. Take Scream and the whole scene about The Rules to Surviving a Horror Movie. I loved this scene. It's very self-aware, a bit of a "break the forth wall" situation, but it is also easy to understand and believable. Randy isn't wrong. He isn't the mouthpiece for the writer, spewing out criticism about the horror genre in general. He's not making up shit. He's a horror movie fan. That's his character, so he knows the situations and the deathpits inside and out! You know his rules are right... because five seconds after he made up his rules, people immediately break them and get slaughtered. The whole movie is a playful bout on the cliches of horror and breaking each one, but that doesn't need to be the case here. You can have your Randy, shouting out rules on how not to get killed and not be meta.

I just think it would work 'so' much better if the list was created not out of fear, but more as a joke. Tongue in cheek. Not to be taken seriously IC until... well. That way we can keep the "Don't go on any school trips" rule. Plus, I bet it could work wonders for Zubin's character. Once he gets kidnapped, he's gotta think of a plan! So? Use the rules as a lifesaver. He could cling to the rules in the hopes that they'll make him safe because he's afraid, and he has nothing else! Fear can make you do lots of crazy things. This wraps around to Kami's "Gotta think of a plan" idea too.

So... yeah. I hope this helps!

Jesus I write too much.

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