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Friends and Relations; 'Cause why not?
Topic Started: Aug 5 2011, 05:16 AM (769 Views)
Cannon Fodder
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Great, my families looking at me weird for bursting out laughing at that.
I could see that completely. XD
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Sister Grimm
@Acidic, I could always use more bullying-targets. As for past-relationship regarding Jane/Caleb, I'm not so sure. The sexist part, you see? Friends, I can see. They trade insults, that sort of thing. A Riggs/Murtaugh dynamic. But he would piss Jane off too much for them to have dated. Or, possibly, that's why they broke up, depending on how vocal he is with his remarks.

I'm thinking he's going to be subtile about it. For now I'm cool with the "Riggs/Murtaugh dynamic" you suggested for them.

Sister Grimm
As for Faye, she might be interested in his philosophy. I think it could work out.

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Banki Assembly Line
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I think Faye and Miriam could be friends, what with them being fellow artists and shys.
Let's show that private threads still aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on the island in V6. If I started a thread in-game, you are welcome to join it.

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